Grand European 7th April 09


Hi there,[br]I am a firt time traveller, and doing this trip on my own, very keen to chat with anyone else doing this trip, as a little hesitant about travelling on my own and going solo, but have been assured its a trip of a lifetime.[br]Love to hear from anyone doing the same tour, or anyone with great tips.[br]Thanks,[br]Rachael


Just thought I would bring this one up again, just in case there was anyone else out there doing the same tour. Only 7 weeks to go and counting, yay! Would love to hear from anyone doing the same tour.[br]


Hi Rachael, Allan here from Cairns Australia. Im joining the same tour in April. Not long to go now, so getting pretty excited. Doing the trip on my own as well, but likewise been assured it will be an awesome experience. Look forward to meeting you. Cheers.


Hi Allan. WOW! Am so glad to hear from someone else on the tour, I was beginning to wonder if I was going alone!!! I am from Auckland, and am definitely getting excited. The countdown is well and truly on. Definitely look forward to meeting you, keep in touch. When do you arrive in London? I leave Auckland on 4th April, and get to london on 5th, with 2 days to look around before the tour starts. Feel free to look me up on facebook if you are on there - rachael stephens - :sunglasses: