Grand European 7 August 2018


Hi there! Aris and I are going on the Grand European 7th August 2018 trip. I have not seen any forum on this date yet and just wanna know who else booked this tour? We both come from New Zealand and this is our first Topdeck tour. It would be great to know others who are going as well. Excited!!!


Hello!! My name’s Aleesha and I’m coming from Australia for this trip too (First timer as well).


Woohoo! Awesome! See you there! :smiley: :airplane: :bus: :eu:


See you both there :blush::call_me_hand:


Yeyyy!! Are u also from Aussie? See u!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Yup, flying from cairns :blush: look forward to meeting you!


I can’t wait!! Come onnn😂


Hey! I’m Ashley and I’m coming from Melbourne. SO glad to her that im not the only first timer!


Hey, I’m Courtney from NZ, also my first time too :grin::grin:


Hi Courtney! yeyy! where in NZ? bout 2 months more to go… urrgggghhh! Can’t wait! :persevere::grinning:


Auckland :slight_smile:


Great! :grinning: I’m from Chch. See you! :smiley::grin:


Wow… Great tour


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Hey there !! im Georgia and i am also coming from New Zealand and this is my first ever topdeck tour! would be awesome to see if our flights may be the same day or times?! so excited ! (:


Am thinking of doinh this tour in 2019.
How was it. It will be my first time in Europe and using top deck