Grand European 6th September 2016 (6/9/16 - 3/10/16)


Hi All,

Anyone else here doing the 28 day Grand European tour in September?

I’ve booked onto this a few days ago and can’t wait for September to come soon enough!

Feel free to get in touch and lets get excited together, I’ll be flying into London on the Friday before the tour so lets catch up for a drink!

Look forward to meeting you all,



Hi there,

I will be on this tour also. Cant wait first time travelling overseas looking forward to it.

I will be arriving into London on the Monday.

Look forward to meeting.


Hi guys!
I’m most likely booking this one this week :slight_smile:
I’ll be in Scotland visiting a friend before hand but I’m up for drinks the night 9/5. Have you guys booked a room for the night before yet?
Also, are you going on any top deck trips after this one?!
Cant wait!!


Hi Guys,

Great to hear you are also on this.

Where abouts are you guys from? I’m travelling solo from Sydney. There’s also another person on this that’s from the Gold Coast.

I’m thinking of booking in at Wombat Hostel, where the tour starts, a night or two before unless there are better places?

Not doing any more Topdecks after but will be travelling on for about a week afterwards, leaving plans for that open for now and seeing what happens!



Hi guys!
I also booked this tour a few days ago.
I’m traveling solo from Seoul :slight_smile: Really looking forward to this tour.

Unfortunately I’m planning to start the tour from Paris since I will be staying in London after the tour ends.
So I think having a drink the night before the meeting won’t work for me:(
But I am still very excited about the whole tour with you guys. Hope we could get along together.

Also.I’m thinking of staying in St.Christopher’s hostel for 1 or 2 nights before Paris meeting.
Is anyone there for a drink in Paris?!


I’m most likely starting in Paris now too coming from Turkey
I was looking into the St. Christopher as well! I’ll keep you updated


Is everyone here on Facebook?

Let’s get a group going!


Hey guys

I booked this tour a couple of weeks ago and am really looking forward to it! I’ll be getting into London from Sydney on the 2nd as well, so if any of you are around earlier we should organise to share a few bevs.

Agreed - let’s get a Facebook group going and start counting down the days…



i’m on facebook, Harley Owens

i’ll be meeting in Paris and leaving in Amsterdam late 10/2 or early 10/3. Going to catch Oktoberfest on 10/3 if anyone wants to join!


Totally agree getting a face book group, Yeoreum Kim
I’d like to join the Oktoberfest on 10/3. Sounds fun!


ahhhh there are a lot of “Yeoreum Kim” on facebook! maybe try me at “Harley Owens” i have purple hair in my picture!!

okay yay oktoberfest friend!! i’ll send you the information i’ve found so far for it on facebook :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

I’ve just created a FB group which can be found here:

Tried to find you guys on FB but there were a few people with the same name.

Join up and say hi.




Hey guys, also on this tour! Travelling solo from New Zealand, I arrive on the 3rd and staying in the wombat hostel until the tour starts so defiantly keen for a drink! Cant wait to meet everyone and get this party started!


Hey all. A mate and I are joining this tour, traveling from Perth, Australia and can’t wait to meet everyone and kick everything off! We’ll be arriving in London on the 3rd and staying at the Wombat Hostel as well, so an early catch up and drinks sounds great!


Il be on this tour as well and happy to catch up for drinks in London, il be staying longer after the tour possibly in london but leaving it open. Ive sent a join request for the group and can’t wait to see everyone soon!