Hi everyone!

Just wondering if any of you are doing this tour. It’s still awhile, but I’m getting excited! :slight_smile:

I am also travelling alone and stopping over in Dubai for a couple of nights beforehand which should be interesting.



YAY I’m on this tour!!! I’ve been waiting for someone else to say they are on it too! Haha
I’m travelling alone as well… I’ll be in London from the 2nd September!

I’m sooo excited its only 4 months away :smiley:


Awesome! Will you be staying at the Clink before and after the tour as well? I am going to be there for 1 night before the tour and 1 night after the tour. I so can’t wait, I haven’t had a decent long holiday in ages!


Haha me either! I’ve never been overseas for longer than a week!! This is my first time by myself haha! I’m staying at clink for 2 nights after then going to Thailand! Before I’ve got 4 nights booked at Piccadilly backpackers but I might change it to clink for a least the night before because we have to wake up so early! Lol I’m so excited! Are you taking a backpack or suitcase!? I think I’m bringing a suitcase it fits more in haha


Hello Hello!

Quite excited that someone’s finally made a post!

Fellow solo traveller here, first time overseas, glad there’ll be a couple of us by ourselves too!

I’m thinking I’ll be stayling at Clink the night before, but probably not the night after because I’ve got friends who will be at the Generator waiting for me!

I’ll be getting into London on the 3rd of September, I cannot wait.


Hi Jess!

Oh great! There will hopefully be a fair few of us at Clink then!!

Where in Melbourne are you from?

How old are you both as well? I will be 21 when we go on tour!

What are you doing after the tour finishes?


Hi Cass & Jess,

Great to know you both will be staying at the Clink. I’m 27.

After the tour finishes I was planning to explore London by getting this pass called the London Pass, You can see up to 55 attractions for free and skip the lines! I also have a free Harrods Open Top Bus tour and Thames River Clipper pass which my travel agent organised, I was hoping to use it before the Topdeck Tour, but its open ended so if it’s too much (fingers crossed I don’t arrive exhausted) I can do the London tour when we get back. Also I was thinking of going to Madame Tussuad’s or catching a musical. But I also want to do some shopping!!! I hope I will be able to find the time! There is so much to do. I fly back late at Heathrow the day after the Topdeck tour so we’ll see how it goes.


Oh, I’m bringing a suitcase I hope everything will fit, if not I might have to post stuff back home LOL! ;D


Im doing a London City hop on hop off tour thing… haha

It comes with the free river cruise as well…

I really want to see a show too… maybe Dirty Dancing or something… tickets are pretty cheap over there last minute! Ive got a few extra days than you and i feel like its not going to be enough! haha i already want to stay longer haha… i’m soo going to have to send stuff back, i always buy heaps and plus im going to Thailand after Europe anyway so I will prob have to unload heaps of stuff.


Hi both of you. :slight_smile:

I’m 22, and in the bayside area of melbourne.

I haven’t really decided what I’ll be doing the few days before hand, probably a big walking tour of London on my second day, and then at the Clink so that I don’t have to get up so damn early haha. Once the tour ends I’m meeting some friends and doing more travelling around London and surrounds.

I’m pretty excited because I’ve never been overseas before, so this should be awesome. :slight_smile:


Hi Girls
I am also now booked to go on this tour! I am a 25-year-old solo traveller from North Queensland and am getting quite excited. I arrive on 4th September and am staying at the Clink for the two nights previous to the tour. Also having one night at the Clink after the tour before returning to Australia. Not my first overseas trip but my first alone and to Europe- love shopping so can’t wait to get there!! Not too sure what I will do in London beforehand but probably do the major sites/walking tours and a bit of shopping. Now just have to keep saving until we go. Look forward to meeting you all!! :slight_smile:


Oh awesome, i’m in eastern melbourne!

I’m so glad to hear that there is so many of us solo travellers! haha
This is my first time to Europe too…i CANT wait to go shopping!!! i’m basically bringing nothing to Europe haha :slight_smile: How much spending money are you all budgeting for??? It is 4 months exactly today that I will be arriving into London! SOO excited haha!!


Hi Maji,

Looking forward to meeting you too. Looks like all of us are shopaholics hopefully it won’t cost us too much to post stuff back home LOL! :slight_smile:


Hey girls! Not long now! I just got my documents and I’m so excited lol. I was thinking maybe we could organise to meet in the lobby or something the night before for a drink??? Not sure if anyone already has plans?? Also apparently there is 22 people so far on our tour but not everyone will be there the whole time! Anyway would love to hear from you…


Hi Cass! Catching up for a drink beforehand sounds like a great idea. I wasn’t too sure what I will be doing yet, I’ll let you know if anything does change. Time has gone pretty quick, but still not soon enough! I haven’t got my itinerary yet but hopefully I’ll get a phone call from my travel agent soon.


Aww hopefully you get them soon…!! I’m so excited I’m counting the days! Let me know if you do… if not all good I’ll see you on the 6th!! :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone!!!
I just booked this trip and I’m super excited!! I am also traveling by myself for the first time so I am excited that they are more people like me! I will be in london for 2 weeks before the tour so I would love to meet up with people who are also going to be there!! ;D


Hi Brittany! Id love to meet up before the tour! I arrive on the 2nd of September and i’m staying at Clink from then till the tour starts! Are you going to stay at Clink?? Your so lucky you are leaving soon! What are your plans in London? I’m thinking of seeing a show, also lots of shopping and going on a day tour to Warwick Castle, Oxford, Cotswolds and Stratford… but other than that no plans haha maybe we could go out for a drink one night? or if you want to see a show haha i don’t know! I’m going to be wandering around by myself! haha YAY only 43 days till I leave!!!


Hi Lovelies!

I haven’t got my itinary yet either! I’m hoping it’ll come along soon.

I’m debating staying at Clink from the 3rd when I arrive, or if I’ll just stay the night before - but we should get a drink the night before! I’m so excited and looking forward to meeting everyone !


Hey Jess! I think I only got mine early was because I asked for them haha I am wayy too excited I wish it wasn’t so far away lol… I ended up cancelling my accom at the other backpackers i was staying at and moved to clink… i cant be bothered moving part the way thru my stay in london haha…awesome so drinks are on lol Im staying in a 10 bed girls deluxe dorm i think at clink! Are any of you girls going to go skydiving? haha i don’t think i will… :slight_smile: