Grand european 6th july - 2nd august


Hey everyone,

Me and a mate, (2 females, single, 21 years old) are booked in for this tour for the 6th july departure!

Is anyone else on this tour??!!

And if threre is anyone out there that can give us feedback on the type of people eg age group of most people, couples?, male and female mix etc
what luggage is the best to take?




Hi there! :slight_smile:

We are also there! (2 males, 23(me) and my mate 25) woot!

We are europe virgins, so can’t really comment on the type of people age group etc etc, but so far so good? :slight_smile:

Having we are male, we are just living out of backpacks with basic stuff. Don’t stress too much, if there is something you have forgot you can just buy on the way! Just keep it under the certain weight and pack less if anything!

Just over 3 and half months to go! wow! time is flying!

Talk soon! :smiley:


hey everyone,

I’m (23 yo female) also booked to go on the 6th jul-2nd aug tour. But unlike you i’m heading off solo coz all my friends have to work. shame for them!

Never travelled in this area before, happy to be escaping Aus winter though!!

Like the guys i’ve jst got a huge backpack to drag around, and after doing a bit of backpacking highly recommend it as a luggage option.

is anyone hanging out in london before the trip departs? i have a few days to explore beforehand

getting excited!
stay in touch


ooo how exciting!!
We found some friends!

Yeah we are staying at the clink hostel couple of days before the tour starts :slight_smile:

time is flying…!


So not long to go now, 3months left, so far yet so close!
We get into london on the 2nd? but we haven’t confirmed where we are staying in the meantime before the tour.

We have got plans to go to sensation white on the 4th in amsterdam so that should be insanely awesome! :smiley:

Whats the plans for you guys before/afterwards?


I no !!

We are staying in London couple days before the tour starts. Afterward we are staying in London for 8 days, so we will take it as it comes, suss out what people r up too… Then on the 10th aug we are hitting Greek islands for 2 weeks :smiley:

what about you guys??


we too are in london for a few days but yer, we going to treck over to amsterdam before hand for music festival and back on the 5th ready for the tour… woot! :smiley: :smiley:

hmm well afterwards pretty much the next day on the 3rd we fly out of london to athens, to greek islands! :smiley:
so we are in Ios far out club from 3-12th?? i think then from 13th-26th at paradise club in mykonos! woooohoo, and we are celibrating my mates birthday on the 16th aug too!!!

so of course party time in greek islands! :smiley:

where abouts in greek island you guys going to be?


Just signed up on the forums!

I am on this trip, cant wait!

hopefully all this volcanic ash settles in the next 5 weeks!

It looks like a lot of the poeple on earlier tours wont even be able to go now!

Oh, i am a 25 yr old guy from Canberra Australia.



hey guys
im suppose to be doing some other tour on this same day, well me n my girl were, until she broke my heart… i have the option to change to this tour, n am unsure as i am travelling alone now and dont wanna be an out sider, lets face it im single for the first time in 2 yrs n im lookin for the best fun… my email is would be sweet to hear from some one out there for some chatt


Hey guys!

I’m booked on this trip too! So excited! Just over a month to go!! & i’m also heading to athens & greek islands afterwards from the 5 august so might see some of u guys there as well!!

Will be in london for a few days before the trip starts too.

PS - I’m 26 female from brissie n it’ll be my first time in all those european countries! Can’t wait!!


hey me and my friend lou are heading over together both 20 yr old girls… first time in europe on our own. im gunna be in london for a week b4 the trip starts then heading home to sydney the day after we all get back to london… looking forward to it :slight_smile: only a month to go


hey hey its less than a month now… must all BE GETTING PUMPED AS… u all stayin at thc clink before and after the bus tour??? wot u all doin after??? i must say its also good to see some more new ppl on the forum… where abouts in sydney u girls from? im from windsor you close by??

torz :slight_smile: B-)


wow looks like its going to be a tour full of girls!!! haha see you guys soon not long now :slight_smile:


I would say there are plenty of people who dont know and havent posted on the forum.

Hey make sure you guys hit the 4th of July party at the Clinque up before the tour starts, looks like its pretty wild.

We will get a chance to catch up before the tour starts.

See you all there!



im gunna miss it dude… i saw it advetised on there web site looks like it could be amazin haha… cant wait to meet u all n have the best time in our lives… gunna be one to remember…

20 day till the wheels on that bus start rollin hahaha



Hey Guys
My name is Jess (20) and my best friend Lauren (21) will be on this trip!
We fly from Sydney on the 30th June, 2 weeks now :slight_smile: and we will be in London for a week staying at the Clink Hostel. After the tour we then fly to Athens and go to Mykonos for 4 nights, and Santorini for 2 nights.

Soooo Excited :slight_smile:


awesome! looks like everyone from this tour is staying at the clink hostel.

we will all have to keep and eye out for eachother!


Whats this party on the 4th??


Independence day in the US… Its a massive day over there, and because there are so many US travellers, Clink do a big 4th of July party at the hostel. I think they actually hold it on the night of the 5th (time difference between London and the US)


Hey guys!

Not long to go now!! I’ve just booked to stay at the clink too the night before the tour starts.

Can’t wait to meet you all! x