Grand European 6/6/17-3/7 Or Eastern Express 18/6/17 - 3/7


Hi, is anyone going the Grand European ( 6th of june - 3 of july ) or on the Eastern Express (18th of june- 3rd of july)

i’ll be going on the Eastern Express trip but i’ll be join the Grand Euro group on the 18th :slight_smile: x


Hi there! I’m on the Grand European tour from 6th June :smiley: x


hay, how are you ? I’ll be joining you on the 18th of june in Rome, Where are you from ? :slight_smile: x


Hi, I’m good thanks. How are you? That’s cool, looking forward to seeing you there. I’m from the UK. What about you? :slight_smile: x


Im good thanks, is this your first trip traveling solo? Dublin, ireland :blush:


That’s cool. Yeah this is my first time going solo. What about you? :blush:


This is my second time , i went on another Topdeck trip last year & i loved it :blush:x


Awesome :slight_smile: I’m so excited for this trip! I’ve never done anything like this before x


Yes, i haven’t been to any of countries that we are going to im exited to see them… what do you do, work or do you go to college? :blush:


Oh that’s cool. I’ve only been to a couple of the countries before, but it was so long ago! :blush: I’m working atm. What about you? x


Very nice​:blush:, yes im working atm aswell :blush:x


Hi Em & Sophie! I’m travelling solo too, all the way from Queensland, Australia.


Hi Katie! Nice to meet you :blush: are you doing the whole Grand European tour or are doing Eastern Express like Em is?


Hi Sophie, lovely to meet you too :slight_smile:

Yep I’m doing the whole Grand European tour. You’re doing the whole tour as well aren’t you. I’m arriving into London on the 1st June and spending a few days at a hotel, but then heading to Wombats on Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to meeting everyone before we head off.

Where about’s in the UK are you from?


Hi kate, hows a going? Really looking forward to meeting you guys, is this your first time traveling to Europe kate? :blush:x


Hi Em! I’m doing really great thanks. Counting down the days till I leave (for Europe and my job…finishing up before i head over).
I’ve been to London briefly (my Dad’s from London), seen a small part of England, and Galway. So first time seeing Europe. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a teenager :smile:
How about yourself? Have you seen any of Europe before?


Hey, if anyone has any questions about the Grand European - please ask. I did that tour about a year and a half ago :slight_smile:


hay, Agh wow, I say your excited :slight_smile: When are you heading over to the uk ?
Very nice, I’m from Dublin, Ireland so I have been to a few countries around Europe with my friends, parents but also topdeck. All the counties we’re going to I haven’t been so I’m really looking forward to this trip - Are you staying in wombats / London for a few days after the trip? :slight_smile: x


I arrive into London on Thursday 1st June and staying at a hotel near tower bridge till Sunday. I’m then heading to Wombats for the Sunday and a Monday night.
I never managed to get to Dublin but one day I hope too. It must be amazing being only a short flight to all the beauty and culture of Europe. I’m excited that you’re getting to see counties you haven’t been too before. Is that why you’re joing later in the trip?
I’m staying at Wombats the night we get back to London but no set plans after that. I’m hoping to head up to Scotland to visit relatives.


Agh very nice, you can do some tourist things around London while your there- ye very handy, short distances to each country comes in very handy followed by the cheap flights :slight_smile: :blush:
yes, the countries that you will be visiting the first week are the countries that I visited last year with TD. Yes, same as myself, I will be staying in Wombats the night we are back in London - Hopefully do some touristy things before getting a flight home the following night- it’ll be a an amazing two weeks so I cant wait :slight_smile: