Grand European 5th September - 2nd October 2017!



I recently booked onto this trip and I couldn’t find a forum post for this departure date.
Was just wondering if anyone else had booked onto this trip yet? I know I’m posting this super early but you never know! :blush:


Hay Hannah! i am doing the same trip i can’t wait!


I am going to london early so let me know if you are doing the same :slight_smile:


Hey Hayley! Ah, so good to meet you!

Where are you from? Which part of the trip are you most excited for? And I think I’m just travelling down to London and staying in Wombats the day before departure. I’d love to meet you there though! :grin:


I am from perth in australia, how about you? i am pretty excited for italy and skiing gonna be so good! i am gonna stay at wombats the night before too! i just wanna go already haha


Hey guys!! I’m doing this trip too! Travelling solo from New Zealand :blush: I’ll be in England for a month before the trip so definitely keen to catch up before hand :ok_hand:


I’ve created a Facebook group page for people to chat and get to know one another before we go :blush:
"Topdeck Grand European Sept 5-2 Oct 2017!"


Hey there I booked to go in this trip, I’ll be in London a few days before hand and also spending a few days in London afterwards



Im on the Same tour but departing 12th Septembeer :smiley:


Hey Everyone! I am also a solo traveller going on this trip :slight_smile: I will be in London a couple of days before we depart as well, and I will be staying at Wombats the night before we start our trip. Looking forward to meeting all of you! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!! I am from the east coast of Australia and will be travelling on these dates too!! Ill be arriving a day or two before the trip starts in London - keen to meet you all