Grand European 5 July '11


Hi my name is Diona. I’m 26 (female) and from Adelaide, Australia. I’m all booked for the Grand European tour leaving London 5 July this year - travelling on my own. Am hoping to find some other people going on this tour. If you are, let me know.


heyyy Diona!! yess im booked for this tour too! also travelling by myself.
there is another discussion for this tour already with a bunch of ppl that are going. they all seem pretty cool so looks like we will have a good group :slight_smile:


me + two friends (we’re 19, 19 and 20) from Sydney are also on this tour! and yeah there’s a number of other people who’ve replied to the other post who seem quite awesome =)! all staying at the clink a few nights before? not too long left now!!