Grand European 4th May and Summer Fun and Sailing


Hi All

Im booked on Roman Chariot (part of Grand European) 04/05/10 departure and European Horizons (part of Summer Fun and Sailing 14th May departure). Is anyone else on any of these trips/departures? If so i would love to hear from you. Im travelling solo from NZ



My husband and I are doing the European Horizons. We leave Rome on the 14th of May. We live in Cronulla near Sydney. We fly out to Heathrow on the 30th of April and spend about a week in the Lakes District UK, then a week in Cyprus for a wedding then head straight to Rome. Phew! after the two weeks lead up to the bus trip I’ll be looking forward to Top Deck telling me what to do and where to be (stress free) :slight_smile:

Are you planning on doing the walking tour at 2pm on the 14th of May? We arrive that morning so have to rush to the campsite to meet the tour.



Hi Emma

You would think i would know all my departure dates by now :slight_smile: Im actually on the 21st of May departure. Im actually going to be in Rome from the 15th May until the 22nd and will be staying at Camping Roma where the Tour starts but i think I will still do the walking tour so i can meet the rest of the people on the tour :slight_smile: Hope you guys have a great time