Grand European 4th May 2010



Is anyone going on the Grand Euro 4th May?..seems like it will be a full tour.


Hi :slight_smile:

I am on this tour - well the first 14 days anyway, I finish in Rome then start another tour :slight_smile: Not long now


Only a month to ago!!! Are you all prepared? I’m just deciding whether or not I should get a travel card (after reading all the posts I’m still not sure) and what to pack!!


I would like to think im getting prepared but somehow I doubt it!!! Ive done a dry run with my packing and got most of that sorted. I have gone with the Travel card just because its easier and not attached to my bank account!!! feel free to email me at


im booked on this tour.
its not long now. i leave australia on the 14th april and dont feel like im ready to go!
it will be my first time in europe so im really looking forward to it!
i was told about the travel card! it seems the safest way to go!


Wow you leave real soon you lucky thing! Ive only got 2 days in London before we start out tour and then one after the tour finishes!! My first time in Europe as well - I am so excited. Are you staying at the Clink Hostel?



i am staying at the Click hostel the night before the tour starts.
i go to hong kong first for a week then im in london for two weeks before the tour starts!
which tour are you joining after getting to rome?


I am doing European Horizons which is part of Summer Fun and Sailing. It was really the only way i could go to all the places I wanted and avoid some of the ones I just didnt want to go near :slight_smile:


Hey sorry I haven’t had a chance to email.

It’s my first time to europe and going solo too!
I’ve ended up getting a Roman Palm IV sleeping bag (which is quite small) and microfibre towel etc for the trip. I’m trying to pack as little as possible but its really hard…I’m thinking of buying a fold up overnight bag and a bigger day pack for more luggage space. I’ll be at Clink the night before too!


Ive got a small sleeping bag too - doesnt weigh much at all and packs down real tiny :slight_smile: Havnt had a chance to buy my microfibre towel yet but ive got 5 looooonnnggg weeks to go :slight_smile: no doubt we will meet up by chance at the Clink :slight_smile:


Katmandu currently has a easter sale on…it only started today and you can get 50% off mirofibre towels, bags, clothes etc…its worth checking out :slight_smile:


Yep, I’m on the Grand European (4th May) going solo. Not organised at all - need to book in some accomm for at least the night before and no idea what to pack. Just got myself a travel backpack from Katmandu though so that’s a start. I thought the topdeck hostel was Generator? but you guys are staying at Clink? Can we get picked up from there for the tour?


Its definetly the Clink Hostel we leave from (I queried that also as the website had the Generator but the Tour Book had the Clink - Topdeck confirmed it was definetly the Clink :slight_smile:


Hi all, I am also going on the this tour and staying at the Clink for the 2 nights before

First time in Europe for me too, really looking forward to getting away and having fun


Hi guys, I am also going on this tour and I’m staying at Clink the night before.
Second time in Europe for me but first time I’m travelling solo, argh, very daunting for me. Hopefully we have a great tour group!
Quick question…how come everyone isn’t doing the full 28 days? I’ve noticed some people say they are leaving when we get to Rome?? I am confused by this!
Can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


I’m doing the full 28 days!! B-)


Me too…phew, I was getting confused!


Hi guys,
I’m booked for this tour too and is doing the full 28 days. Will be staying at Clink the night before.
First time travelling solo, so am feeling a bit nervous.


Hi Guys,

Probably just me thats finishing up in Rome :slight_smile: My first choice was European Pioneer but I didnt want to go to Bosnia and Serbia so for me to see all the places I wanted I had to do two different tours!!! Cant wait to meet you all in just over a months time


hey all, i’ll be there…looks like alot of aussies on board i’m a first timer in europe too…can’t wait!!