Grand European 4th Aug


Hi Just wondering if anyone out there will be on the Grand European starting on the 4th of August…


Hi Michelle, [br][br]I’ll be on that tour with you. I arrive in London on Monday, 31 July and will be staying at the Globetrotter Inn on 3 August, the night before our departure. [br][br]See you next week,[br]Bob[br]


Hey Michelle,[br]I’ll be going on tour as well :slight_smile: There is another forum started on our tour on page 2! A few other people have written in and are joining us! Can’t wait only 9 more sleeps :)[br]E.


Hi Michelle - yep i’m on the tour too.[br]As Erin mentioned look on page 2 of the forum and look for ‘Angela’ you’ll find a few more people there … sounds like we should have a real laugh together.[br][br]Are you coming over from Auss or are you already here??[br]See you next week.[br][br]A:)