Grand European 3rd September!


Hey Guys
Was just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has booked the Grand European for the 3rd September 2013? I’m a solo traveler and I’m keen to meet some people who have booked this trip as I’ve never traveled alone before.
Thanks! ;D


Hey Hannah,

I am going on the same trip! I am in the same boat, haven’t traveled solo before but I am sure we will be fine :). Should be heaps of fun! Looking forward to Germany the most :D.


Oh yay! I was worried i was the only one going on this trip! I cant wait till we go to amsterdam as it will be my birthday!!!
Look forward to meeting you!


Hey Hannah,

I am looking at doing this trip aswell, I am a solo traveller too :slight_smile:
I have never travelled alone either. Where abouts are you from?


I’m so glad there are people going! as it still hasn’t got to Guaranteed Departure
I’m from Geelong how about you? where are you staying the night before? I’m thinking i might book into the hostel that we leave from but still unsure.
Also is anyone going to Oktoberfest straight after the tour? :slight_smile:


Hopefully it becomes guaranteed departure :slight_smile:
Im from Chelsea, which is down peninsula side of Melbourne. I was thinking of booking into that hostel as well, I think I might go a couple of nights before the tour starts.


Oh cool!
ill be travelling around the UK for a month before the tour starts. We will have to have a drink at the hostel the night before we leave if you end up staying there.


Ah thats pretty awesome. Yes we will definitely have to have a drink there the night before, pretty sure i will be staying there.
Have u received acknowledgement back from topdeck when u booked? I booked on sunday and still have not heard anything back from them.


Hey Casey
Not yet i booked through flight centre and haven’t picked up my tickets and pack up yet. Have you heard anything back from them yet? if not maybe you should give topdeck a call? :slight_smile:


Hey Hannah,
I did hear back from them :slight_smile: Ill be staying at their hotel 3 nights before our tour leaves. Look forward to seeing you there :slight_smile: