Grand European 3rd July 2012


I know it’s still like a year away but was wondering if anyone else was going on this tour? I just booked (for the early bird discount) and am really excited :smiley: I haven’t been to Europe before and am going on my own so would love to connect with anyone else that’s going to make the whole thing a little less scary!



I was thinking of going on either this date or the following week. My best friend was supposed to be coming but not sure if she is anymore. I have never been to europe and i am very excited and nervous! :slight_smile:


I will be on this trip with 2 friends…we will be 21 - 22. Can’t wait!!


I’m booked on the grand European but I leave on the 7th of July. I’ll just miss you!!


Hey there!
I’ll be on this trip with four other friends. We’re all super excited and this will be the first time we’ve travelled over too!
Look forward to meeting you all!

  • Mia :slight_smile:



I will also be on this trip =) I have never travelled anywhere but Bali and will be on my own too! Im so excited, but also nervous too. Are you spending anytime in London beforehand? I have booked a few nights accomodation, but am flying straight home as soon as we get back to London (well the next day anyway).



I am spending a night in London Holly! In the Clink78 as I figured it will be easier as we have to be there early on the 3rd (my flight from home gets in at 6.30am 2nd July). I’m hanging around in London for a week afterwards though, then off to France for a week, then Thailand for 2 weeks, then home again. Accomadation in London when we get back is costing a fortune because of the Olympics!

It’s only 6 months away now, I’m so excited :smiley: Glad to see there are others traveling alone too. Looking forward to meeting you Holly, teek (and friend of teek) and Mia (and friends of Mia)!


Hi again everyone, if anyone isnt aware there is a facebook page specifically for our tour that we can chat. The link is there are not many people on it yet, but trying to get everyone chatting before we depart (even though its still a little bit away) but i think it will be easier to use than this discussion board as you can just directly go to the page, and it will update you if someone posts something… if for some reason the link doesnt work, just go to the topdeck facebook page > meet others > grand european and then select the date =)

Cant wait!!