Grand European 31st July


Anyone going on this tour?! :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m booked! Where you from?


Yay! I’m from london, you? Are you travelling alone? I’m so excited!


So far I’m traveling alone, but a mate might be booking. I’m from western Australia :slight_smile: I just wish it was July already!!


You travelling alone?


Eek i know, i’m so excited! I’m travelling alone! Never done anything like this before i’m a little anxious! But i’m sure it will be amazing! :slight_smile:



It’s great to see some others booked in for this tour, my mate and I have just booked today for it. We are 22 year olds from QLD and are pretty pumped to see the sights of Europe. Are either of you heading on tours after it?


Hi All,

I’m not yet booked on this tour - but it looks like I have to change from 10/07/12, so I look forward to meeting you. Is anyone spending a couple of days in London prior to the start and after ?


Hi Donna,

I’ll be spending a few days before and after in London. You got anything planned at all? Going to the olympics?


I’m going to leave the tour in amstadam as a couple of mates are heading there to meet me. Then we are heading over to Croatia for the outlook featival in pula.
Should Check it out!


Anyone else signed up for this tour on this date?! :slight_smile:


I’m all booked and cannot wait to set off on the Grand European adventure! I’ll be joining you Paris :slight_smile:


Count me in!

Would it be worthwhile setting up a facebook group?

EDIT: Never mind, I see there is already something for it on facebook


Thanks for posting that!