Grand European 30th May 2017



I am doing the Grand European starting on 30th May next year and wanting to meet other people who are going on the same tour. I am 24 and travelling on my own from Melbourne.
Any advise would be amazing as I have never travelled solo before!

Adrienne :slight_smile:


I am doing this same trip starting in September. My first time travelling alone too. Hope you have a great time! :heart_eyes: Also from Melbourne :airplane:


Hey Katrina!
I’m going on the Grand European aswell!! :smile: 3rd of Sept-travelling solo from NZ! What date r u going?


Sorry blonde moment!! Going on the 5th of sept not the 3rd :joy:


Hey I am going the exact date! Can’t wait


Hey Adrienne,

My friend Anna & I will be on this tour with you!! :smile: It’s our first trip to Europe, I’m starting to get super excited. I did my first topdeck trip solo to NZ last year, you make friends really easily. Can’t wait to meet you!

Ashlyn :blush:

Ps I’m from Melbourne too! Anna is from Townsville (I recently moved from there) and she’lol be moving down at the end of the year :australia::raised_hands:t3: