Grand European 30th August 2011


Hi Everyone,

I’m extremely close to booking the Grand European trip starting 30th August. Just wondering who’s going on it? I’ll be going solo and planning to stay in the UK and basically move there straight after this tour doing a working holiday for a couple of years. Anyone else planning on doing the same? First trip out of Australia and definitely a bit of a move for me so would be great to hear anyone doing the same.


Hiya Jas, My friend and I are both doing this tour. It looks like an awesome time to be booking for! We arent living there afterwards but travelling around for a couple of weeks afterwards. I have read about alot of people living in London after doing their tours so you wont be alone. Im sure you will find someone else that is doing it on this tour also. :slight_smile:


Thanks Gina. I’ve now booked the tour and starting to get hyped up about going on this. Now just to get organised! Are you and your friend staying at the clink the night before the tour starts? That’s where I’ll be.


Hey Jas and Gina :slight_smile:

I am on this tour also! I am sooo freaking excited!!! Jas, I am also planning to stay and live in London after the tour finishes, though definitely going to try and do Oktoberfest. I have quite a few friends already over there but first time to the other side of the world for me so will be packing myself a little lol.


Hey Jas & Anna!

I’m Gina’s friend, so so sooo excited about this, not long now!! (48 days before Gina and I leave ChCh - Wooohooo)

Anna I see you’re from NZ, whereabouts :slight_smile: We are in Germany whilst Oktoberfest is happening (already had a look :wink: ) Buut we won’t be in Munich and I’m not sure how long it takes to get there from where we will be!? Do you know, because I’d LOVE to do Oktoberfest!

Jas, yeahp we are both staying at the Clink the night before, we actually arrive in London on the 25th of Aug so have a few days of sight seeing beforehand!


Hey Anna and Heather! A few more now going on the tour. Time is flying by. I’ve had a lot of organising to do hence the pretty slow post on this. And now just looking at the list of optional activities…starting to get extremely excited.

Anna it’s awesome to hear someone else is doing the same as me! I’m also looking to do Oktoberfest if possible after the tour. I think it’ll still be running for a while after the tour finishes?

That’s pretty good you are having a few days sightseeing Heather and Gina. I arrive in London the night before the tour starts but I think I’ll have plenty of time to get around the UK when I’ve settled down…somewhere :smiley:


We should all go out for a drink the night before the tour :slight_smile: Only 24 days to go until heather and I are in London. Definately excited! ;D


Hi all!

Myself and my Partner are doing the tour for 7 weeks then heading off to Egypt to do the Ramses Adventure. We’re also staying at the Clink from the 26th, hoping to meet everyone before we depart! Pre-departure drinks the night before sounds good!! ;D


We should definitely have some drinks the night before the tour Gina. Just under 4 weeks till the tour starts!

Just out of interest, what’s everyone doing for SIM cards? Has everyone just gone down the e-kit road that you get with the tour?


Ohh it’s getting so exciting! Yes I’m all for pre-departure drinkies to sort of “break the ice”.

@beck- Hello! 7 weeks for the tour? I thought it was only 4 weeks, will you be on the Mega European departing 30 August?! We will mostly be going to the same places (but won’t be on the same bus :frowning: ) Gina and I arrive at the Clink on the 25th so will be seeing you around ;D

@ Jas- Both Gina and I have purchased our SIM cards - they arrived yesterday!! I haven’t had a chance to look through the booklet on how to work it & to get an US number. But I got it for the fact that family & friends can call you and it won’t cost you any roaming fees! And I think there is about $20 credit pre-loaded onto it! But you do have to pay for the shipping fees


i think that pre-departure drinks is a great idea :slight_smile:

really looking foward to meeting everyone

flying out in 3 weeks :smiley:


Oh its 13 days until Heather and I are london! Definately exciting, but all the riots are definately putting a damper on things. I hope that everything works itself out. My mate just came back from a tour with contiki! Its sounded so sweet I cant wait for ours to start :slight_smile:

Awesome! Drinks are sorted then, just a matter of where to go, I know that the clink has got a bar there but it could be sweet to find a wee local spot somewhere!

16 days! :smiley:


17 days till I leave for London. I agree about the riots. Especially since I’m planning to work there after the tour. Hopefully though it will end very quickly. Drinks is definitely on though I’ll be a late inclusion. Only get to London around 6pm and have to get to the clink.

Definitely excited though! Can’t wait to get there and meet everyone!


Hey everyone. Just got on here to find out if anyone is in fact on this tour and gettin a bit keen now. There are a group of 4 of us doing this tour 2xG & 2xB. We are staying at clink aswell so drinks the night before should be sweet.

we are at the reading festival until the day before if anyone else is going. Looking forward to meeting everyone. We are all from cairns so should be a bit different than normal. peace


Hi Nathan, that’s cool you’re going to the Reading Festival, are you camping or just spending the day? I had a look at the prices but decided I’d rather the extra pounds :).

From what I see most people are from Australia & New Zealand, which will be cool, no foreign accents to try and understand!

Only a week till Gina and I leave snowy Christchurch - yippee bring on the sun!!

See you all very soon :slight_smile:


Hey All.
Im doing this tour aswell. Very excited to hear theres lots of Kiwis & Aussies on board. Im a Kiwi chick (originally from Nelson) But have been living in Perth for last 2 years. Will be great to hear familiar accents again - Ive just spent 12 weeks in Turkey.
Im going to be staying at clink78 from the 23rd August onwards. Im travelling solo so would love to meet up with anyone wanting to explore London with me! Look forward to meet you all!

Ps: Im very keen for the pre departure drinks :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

My friend Steph and I are also going to be on the tour. We have been working and living in London since May so we know a little bit about the place if you have any questions before you get here.

We’re both keen to catch up with everyone over pre depature drinks too! Can’t wait to meet you all xx


Yay! 5 days until heather and I touch down in London. Its so good to meet all of you guys on here! We thought we were the only ones for a while!

Kristen and Steph: What have you found easier to get around on? The oyster card or just buying tickets for the train?

It looks like the clink is going to be busy! :slight_smile:


Hey all, looks like we have made contact with a few more since last time I was on here! Sorry been a hectic month since I was last on here, hence the super late reply!!!

Pre departure drinks sound like a GREAT plan :). Cannot wait to meet you all!


You and Heather must be so excited! London is great - you’ll love it! Tube is definately the easiest to get around on…busses here are alot slower. Get an oyster card for sure - it’s so much more efficient!

So I think we should definately have pre depature drinks - we live north west London but are near a good tube line so can get pretty much anywhere central rather quick. Covent Garden is a good place but clink may be easier since i think most of you will be there…

Post your ideas! We’re so excited and can’t wait to leave xx