Grand european 30th aug


Im starting to think that nobody is going on this trip! It would be great to hear from some other travellers :slight_smile:


Hey there,

I’m doing this tour but a different date, someone posted one a little while back saying they were doing this same one as you. Thought you might like to know!

If that link doesnt work… its on page 6 or so atm…


Thanks for that… Unfortunately I was the one that posted that post too! :stuck_out_tongue:
Have you picked up any usual tips for the trip?


Aww damn lol… i was actually booked on that date originally but i changed it because at the time it wasn’t guaranteed… try and change to the 6th of September haha :slight_smile:

Tips… hmm… well someone told me to take a power board, just one with like 3 or 4 points, helps with you have a camera, phone, straightener haha…have you decided if you are going to take a backpack or a suitcase yet? I’m thinking a suitcase… I think it will fit more in haha…

Oh! and i dont think we need sleeping bags anymore!! Have you heard that??


Thats a good idea :slight_smile: Did you know that there are plugs on the bus, so whilst your travelling your can charge your phone and batteries? I thought that was pretty cool! They say this on the topdeck facebook page “Europe coaches are fitted with both cigarette lighter sockets and European type 240v power points for charging” I think the luggage is the question on everybodys mind. Personally Im bringing a pack because I am travelling around Scotland and Ireland afterwards, and I think it will be easier for train/bus type of travelling especially when your running late, so i can just chuck it on my back and sprint haha. This forum has heaps of questions all through it asking pack vs suitcase. The general tour forum has heaps of handy tips too! Im so excited! 86 days to go, I just want it to hurry up! ;D



I’m on this tour :slight_smile:

how long you backpacking round Scotland and Ireland?



Hey Andy! Thats great! We arent alone haha, For 2 weeks afterwards and then back to nz :slight_smile: Are you thinking of doing the same thing?


i haven’t really decided yet but its defiantly on the cards

I’ve only booked my flight to Europe i haven’t bought a return ticket yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats really cool! When do you arrive in london? Im staying at the clink with my mate who is coming on the tour aswell. Do you think you will be staying there too?


I’m arriving in London on the 26th. I am planning on staying at the clink but i haven’t yet booked it.
Have you guys been to Europe before or is this your first time?


heyy! myself and two of my girlfriends are doing this tour, starting in july wooohooo cant wait!! going to all the best places!!! bring it onnnnnn :slight_smile:


It is indeed! Definately excited :slight_smile: I think the majority of people are staying at the clink hostel. W arrive on the 25th. So i take it that you have been around europe before? What do you reccomend? Pack or suitcase?


I’ve been to London before but only for a couple of days. I’m really looking forward to exploring Europe. As for Pack vs Suitcase, I would defiantly say go with a pack. It is sooo much easyer to move around with a pack. I’ve been on trips before where I’ve taken a pack and my mates have taken suitcases and i was forever waiting on them :slight_smile: Just remember that what ever you put in your pack you then have to lug around :stuck_out_tongue:


I ended up finding a bag thats both! Suitcase and pack, so Im sorted :slight_smile: Not too long now, 61 days now!