Grand European 30/04/2016-27/05/2016


Hi all! Looking at the Grand European trip 30th April- 27th may… Anyone else? X


Yes! I am :slight_smile: im spending a week before in london and a couple of days afterwards too.


Great! Where are you from? Are you travelling solo? How old are you? So excited! :smiley:


Im from queensland! Yeah im travelling solo. My partner did europe last year (before me :frowning: ) but now its my turn :slight_smile: im 20. I turn 21 like 2 days after i get back home haha


Oh awesome! I’m 18, it’ll be my birthday when we’re out there! And I’m from England! Xx


Haha thats awesome! So have you booked it yet or still deciding?


Still deciding but 99% sure! X


Haha yay! Im so excited. Its gonna be so much fun!


Yes it will! I’ve just got back from Amsterdam and I already want to get away again!


Aww lucky! I went to the US a few years ago but this is my first big trip by myself. Im a bit nervous but my excitement levels are way to high for me to let my nerves ruin it for me haha


Oh cool! Yeah I know what you mean! Add me on Facebook? grace perry x


Which one is you? Haha theres a few grace perrys coming up


Try Grace Anna perry x


I’m saving my money for that


Cool! Where are you travelling from?