Grand European 3 April - 30 April 2012


Hey All

Just seeing if there is anyone else out there going on the Grand European tour leaving the 3rd of April, 2012. Be great to talk to anyone else booked on this trip. Thanks.



Hey Kristian,

I am booked on that tour. Have booked in to Clink 78 for the night before and after the tour. How bout you?



Hey Betina

Kristian here. My other account locked me out so I had to start a new one. Yeah I’m staying at the Clink Hostel as well, before and after.



Hey Guys,
I just booked myself on this trip today. Will be travelling alone.
Good to know there are others doing this on their own too.

I’m planning to stay back in London (or maybe travel elsewhere) for about 10 days after the tour… :slight_smile:


Hey Guys

So how old are you both can I ask? Im 24. Im in london for few days before and after the trip but only at the clink for one night either side, staying for a friend for the rest of it but will take up any offers of company on some London sightseeing!!! Im off to canada on 9th May but then im back in London on 7th June - how long are you both around for?


oh and are you on facebook or anything?


Hey Guys

Yeah i have 3 days after in London so having a think about what I want to see. Big Ben i wanna see but haven’t really thought much beyond that. Yes im on F.B. Departure getting closer, exciting.


Hey guys,

I guess i’ll see you guys in 2 mnths. I can’t wait to finally see Europe :slight_smile:
I might have questions as it gets closer to the date. So be prepared for this thread to be inundated with random queries :stuck_out_tongue:

& Tina, i’ve replied to your FB post too. Not sure if you prefer using this forum of fb.


Hey Guys
Looking for luggage to buy next week, anyone recommend a good/reliable brand? The pictures on the news of Venice freezing over are a little concerning. Sure it will thaw up by the time we get there.


Hey guys,
My wife and I will be joining the Grand European tour in Rome as part of the Eastern Express. So we’ll join in on the 15th of April. Really looking forward to it. We’re both 29. Really looking forward to meeting everyone. We’re from New Zealand, but we live in Vancouver, BC.


Kristian I am also looking for luggage, no idea on good brands though, I think I’m going to go with suitcase with wheels although it may be awkward in some places with stairs I took a backpack on a trip a few years ago n found it bit annoying to carry at times between places but I also plan to pack lighter this time. Backpack I got was from kathmandu n very good quality if that’s what your looking at.

reub I look forward to meeting you and your wife, I’m actually off to canada after Europe and will have sometime in Vancouver! You’ll be able to give me some recommendations of things to do there.


Awesome Tina. Vancouver is amazing. Will be happy to give you advice.
On the luggage discussion… we’ve pretty much settled on backpacks - but we haven’t bought them yet. One each. Plus a day bag backpack - I want something new anyway for around town. We’re doing some tripping in the UK and Spain/France after the tour. Can you tell me a little bit more about the disadvantages you saw in a backpack?


hi guys, im booked on the same tour, staying at the clink too so ill get to meet u all then :slight_smile:


reub, with the backpack I found it a bit annoying carrying around between airports and hotels, espec when you have a day pack to carry too - that was just my thoughts. It was great for a short term trip and I went to Nepal so taxi’s etc were great and very cheap to you didnt need to carry it too far. However my trip this time is 101 days long and have a few airports ill be going in and out off, a few friends to visit that I will be staying between and being europe and canada taxi’s arent the cheapest form of transport so will be making the most of public transport to get between friends places, airports and hotels etc - for me I know I dont have the energy or strength to want to lug it around on my back or knocking people on transport when I am moving about etc and trying to carry a day pack at the same time. Wheels sound much better :slight_smile:

I have friends who have taken backpacks and friends who have taken suitcases and both have stood by their choice so i guess its just what your preference is. I have heard there are a few places we stay with stairs so a suitcase might be a bit more painful then but advantageous other times?

Also - I’m not a big souvenir shopper but if I do buy a few things then I like the frame of the suitcase which is a bit more protective of anything that’s a bit more fragile.

Bec - look forward to meeting you then :slight_smile: are you going on your own too?

I’m guessing we will all meet at the clink bar the night before the tour begins :slight_smile:


Hi Tina, yes im travelling solo too but staying with a friend in london a few days before and after the tour :slight_smile:


Can I ask what you guys are doing for money, travelers debit card, credit card, travellers cheques, mix of all?

I was set on travel card but they arent getting best review so now I’m thinking of putting some on travel card and putting rest on credit card so its in debit and just dealing with the transaction fees just for the ease of use and having g both options n not having all eggs in one basket.



Hello to all.

Tina and hello to reub.
Thanks for the advice on the luggage, I think the backpacks with daypack option is the way to go for me, and I think Ill the find the right one when I see it and try it on for size.

In terms of money, Im looking into getting a cash passport. I asked my travel agent and she put me onto it. From my understaning you put money on it before you leave and use it as a debit card. Apparently they give you two cards for each currency you use and apparently more money can be transferred by Western Union. Not sure about transaction fees but if I find out will let you know.

Hello, looking forward to meeting you.

Not long now!


im getting a travel money card (Matercard) the actual card is $15 first load of cash is free, the ATM withdrawals are 2 pounds. seems all fairly reasonable.
have you guys received your topdeck paper work yet? maybe my travel agent is just a bit slow


Cool thanks, I was looking at the anz travel card that you can load up to ten currencies on but had read bad reviews, n doesnt offer best exchange rates n ive heard you lose out in rates and fees getting your remaining balance back but ill prob go with it for ease of use still. Flightcentre apparently have one too so I’m gunna check it out today n compare. Also looking at 28 degrees mastercard as a second option to take now.

I haven’t got my stuff yet, my travel agent says 21 days before I fly out she will have it for me.


Just received all my paperwork - very excited!!
only 25 days left til i leave little old Adelaide :slight_smile: