Grand European 2nd August


just hoping to meet/get in contact with people doing the grand euro that leaves on the 2nd August =)


Hey Bonnie,

My name is Emily, I will also be on this tour! It is getting pretty close.


Im also on this tour. Getting very excited for it now :slight_smile:


awesome!! are you guys going alone? I’m going solo, a little bit daunting! Are you both booked into the Clink the night before?


I am also doing this solo, so I know exactly how you are feeling… excited but nervous haha. We will be right! I am booked in to the Clink, which will be nice and easy to wake up for the 6am start.


Hey random question,
i’ve noticed some tours meet up with eachother for a few days and then go there sperate ways.

I am doing the spirit of europe tour that also leaves 6am 2nd of august from the clink.
your tour is identical for the first few days as mine is…

does this mean we will be travelling together for a few days??


hey Blake, yea top deck does that, and smallers tours join up with larger ones for parts of the tours so i am thinking you will probably leave with us!
Em, i am so so relieved, we should all grab a drink and dinner on the 1st, I’ll be at the Clink aswell, 6am sounds sooo early haha


Hi everyone I’m Ella I’m from Melbourne, also travelling solo and staying at the Clink on the 31st and 1st! looking forward to meeting you all. It will be my first trip overseas so I’m a bit nervous!


Hey Ella, its my first trip too haha, so at least a tour is a good way to see everything and not get lost! i get into london early (6am) on the 1st so i am hoping to drop my stuff at the hostel and have the say to explore a little… so much more relieved about all the solo travellers


Ella I will be there for both those dates too prior to our tour, I have never been overseas via plane so I dont know how I will go with this whole jetlag thing haha.

Bonnie that sounds amazing, catching up the night before (if your not too tired) to meet one another sounds like a plan. I hope your up for it too Ella!

11 more days!!!


yay, its getting so close!
oh i am sure i can manage to keep myself up to meet some people and get all excited about our trip!!=)


hi I’m Younis, i work at Clink78.
I imagine you all excited about the trip. :slight_smile:
Don’t forget the our bar open from 7 until 2 am. it’s a great way to meet fellow travellers going on the tour next day. we have quizz night at the clash bar on monday night.

see you soon everyone.


Hey everyone, Im Sean from North Wales

Im also travelling solo and staying at the Clink the night before, be good to meet people on same trip the night before


awesome, well if we dont meet before hand, lets all try and meet at the bar at around 7 =)


not long to go!! definitely up for a catch up the night before, if not before then! getting excited now!!


ahhh 2 sleeps


Hey Ella, I dont know if you will get this but I am here at the hostel now so give us a buzz here and we can meet up :slight_smile:


hey em, i am leaving on the 2nd Aug for the Mega European and im at the clink now too. maybe ill see you at the bar tonight? cheers


hey bree by anychance are u in the court room now? sounds good though, i dont get let into my room till 2:30 so im just waiting it out till then, i might go for a walk very soon.


hey em, yeah i sure was in the court room then. and again now. haha.
im going to an aussie pub for some grub about 6.30 then im heading here!! ill have to scope you out of the croud haha.
look forward to it ;D