Grand European 2nd August - 29th August 2016


Of course :slight_smile:
Oh cool, message me when you arrive and ill come say hello
And maybe we can organise to do something on the Sunday or Monday when your not so jet lagged! haha
Ill message you :slight_smile:


Eehp! Add me too! Althea Barnes. I arrive on the 29th of July we should make a group chat already for the girls (and guys) to keep in contact etc and we can hang out before the tour starts!


Athea and I arrive on 29th and staying at Wombats as well, would be keen to meet all of you before!

Feel free to add us! Or we can add you!


Hi All,

So excited to meet everyone tomorrow and start our topdeck tour! Three other girls and I will be joining the tour from Paris! :slight_smile: