Grand European 2nd August - 29th August 2016



Just wondering if there is anyone else going on this tour? Not long to go now!


Hey. Yes I am booked on the same trip. So excited!!!


Awesome! Where are you from Nicole? Are you doing this tour by yourself or with friends? Tegan




Hey! Getting so keen! Anyone else travelling solo?


I am! Looking forward to it!


hello all,

I’ve been signed up for this trip for 3 months already and can’t wait for the date to arrive. Looking forward to one hell of a month in Europe


Heyy, i have just booked also :slight_smile:
Im travelling solo, looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi friends!! :raising_hand_woman:t4: me and my friend Olivia are doing this tour we CANNOT WAIT ! 26days! Xx woo! :champagne::champagne::dancer:t3:


Where is everyone staying in London before the tour kicks off??


I’m staying at wombats before. How about you? Can’t wait to meet you all


Hey! Me and Althea are staying at Wombats too!
Can’t wait to meet everyone for the best time!!!


I’ll definitely be staying at wombats the night before the tour kicks off so I’m sure I’ll knock into a few of you beforehand.


Staying at wombats also!


Is anyone doing any other travelling before or after this tour? I spend a week in Italy and Spain before we start this tour


Thats awesome, ill be in London 5 days prior and touring Scotland afterwards :smiley:


Will you be staying at wombats for the time before the trip starts? I arrive on the 28th so if you wanted to catch up before we leave we could :slight_smile:


Yeah definitely, i arrive on the 28th aswell! did you want to add me on facebook and ill send you a message :slight_smile:


Hey girls, I arrive on the 31st and would love to catch up. Is it OK if I add you on Facebook Sarah? I’m meeting up with some friends in London for a week after our trip, and most likely won’t be meeting them until late the day after we get back from our trip if anyone is still free and wants to hang out :slight_smile:


Hey. sounds good, would love to catch up. Whats your fb? I can add you now if you want and we can sort out a plan :slight_smile: