Grand European 29th May-25th June


Hey guys,

Solo female traveller going on this tour! Any one else in the same boat?? :slight_smile:


Hey you,
I will be going on this trip on May 15th - June 11, will be travelling solo too.
Good luck :slight_smile:


Hey im doing the mega European which is also part of the grand European.


Awesome. Your gonna be gone on holiday for a while, that’s awesome.


Good luck to you too Ollie :slight_smile:

Tanya thats great does part of your tour include travelling with ours?


Hey cath
Yes i start on the 29th of may and finish on the 16th of July . I think you are with my tour for the beginning part .


Wow thats an awesome trip!!
cool well ill see you there :slight_smile:


Thanks Cath, I think I might end up with the May 29th group instead of May 15th. Will let you know. Have you started packing yet? ;D :slight_smile:


haha no not even!! I better start soon though, im spending a week in Ireland before the tour to see the family!
Are you travelling anywhere before the tour?
That would be awesome if you’re with us :slight_smile:


Hey Cath,
It’s official I am on the June 5th - July 2nd and not the 29th of May.
Have a wonderful time on the tour. Too bad, I am not with you guys.



Hi there,

I will be on this tour and am a solo chikkie!!! I can’t wait… starting to get very close now!!!
Tring to work out how many franks to take to Switzerland at the moment… other than than … I think I am sorted!!!
Looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile:
Cheers Melanie


yayyyy awesome melanie!! are you staying at the clink the night before??
yeah i know i was thinking of just transferring the cash when we get into switzerland??

look forward to meeting you too!! :slight_smile:


Hey! Im on this tour, travelling alone. When do u guys arrive in uk and where u staying?




i get into the uk monday 28th (day before our tour) and staying at the clink hostel that night. Im in ireland at the moment. how about you? what are you plans? Im staying in london a few days after our tour ends.

Looik forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hey Cath and Simone,

Yay!!! So excited now!!! I arrive on the 28th May and staying at the clink… sounds the same as you guys. Oh we are so going to have a ball!!!
I havent started packing yet… crazy time at work… so cant wait to leave it all behind for a while!!!
See you both then x


Awesome stuff guys :)!! We should try and meet up the night before our tour starts. Im in Ireland at the moment visiting family, it’s gotten me so excited for our awesome tour! It’s going to be fantastic! Look forward to meeting you both xx


Hey guys. I’m in the uk already. Staying at the clink Monday night. Would you both be interested in meeting up Monday arvo to have a look around? Add me on Facebook if u like - Simone Cantlin
Look forward to meeting you.


Switzerland is brilliant! Especially when those cheeky brit commando’s are on form! Make sure you try the tandem skydiving! I’m hoping to join you guys, second TD tour!! x