Grand European 29th June



Im doing the grand european tour leaving London on the 29th of June… is anyone else on this tour??? Im also staying at the Clink Hostel for two nights before the tour departs.


Hi Lisa
I’m also doing the Grand European leaving on the 29th of June but i’m joining in Paris. Looking forward to it…



My friend and i are going on this tour and are also staying at the clink before hand :slight_smile:


Thats awesome!! Where are you guys from? Have you travelled overseas before?
This is my first trip ever and im travelling solo! I cant wait though, im so excited!!


We are both from perth but my friend is living in the uk this year and im gonna meet her in london :slight_smile:

and yeh ive been overseas before but not europe woo!

i cant wait either! only like 9 weeks to go :slight_smile:


Hi Lisa,

a friend and I are doing this tour as well. We’re staying in London a couple days before the tour kicks off as well. Have been to Europe before but never on a tour, can’t wait!


Hey Chris, thats awesome. Where in Europe have you been before? Similar places to the ones we are visiting on the tour?

And if you all dont mind me asking, how old are you??


Is anyone joining the tour in Paris???