Grand European 29th July 08


Hey there guys… Well i’ve just booked this trip with a friend and cant wait to travel Europe and run a muck in 13 countries… yipeeeeee… ;Dso if your on the same trip get in contact…


Hi Crystal![br][br]I’m also on this trip and I cant wait. This will be my first trip alone in Europe but I’m sure it will be a great experience! I’m from Canada by the way. What about you?


yay… im an aussie… my friends a kiwi… we are both already living in the uk… we’ve been in london now for about 18months and loving it… cant wait to see lots of europe… are u arriving from canada?


Cool! Yup I’ll be ariving form Canada…I’m flying in to london on the Monday morning (28th) and staying at the Globetrotter. How much London sightseeing do you think I can get done in a day? Any suggestions?


Hey Girls!! i’m also on this trip,traveling with 2 of my fabulous mates! sooooo excited…pumped 4 adventure…look fwd to meeting u both and to run a muck with you in 13 countries.hehe!;D


Hi Jenna![br]Glad to hear you’re on the trip as well ;D I cant wait till July! I’m supposed to be studying for my finals but instead I keep looking up stuff I will need for the trip. lol ;D


It’s getting closer and closer yay!!! so excited! think i may have 2 have a few practice runs at packing!!so confused about what clothing 2 take,wish i could take everything. hehe!:-[


Hello there again girls…[br]excellent! i like to hear that others are willing to run riot and get up to some mischief… the more the merrier as they say. jelena - it depends what u want to see in london in your one day… museums easily take up the beta part of ur day but if its stuff like big ben, london bridge and st pauls cathedral and ya just want some happy snaps to say “been there, done that” then ya can get all that done in a day if ya grab a day travel tube ticket. if u have time after the trip u should try getting some in after too. [br]onto packing - wellllll… i havnt thought about that but i warn its going to be absolutely scorchin hot around europe as its the middle of summer… i would advise all summer clothes and maybe jus some nice jeans and a dress jacket in case it does get a little chill one night. otherwise pack lightly. ensure enough underwear for a week as u may keep running out of time to do laundry in some places. the hair straightner and dryer is essential for mwa but if ya not to girlie like me then u prob wont need one… u will need a european adapter to for any appliances such as camera chargers etc. spare memory card for your camera is advisable in case theres no photo shop or net cafe close by to download them. flip flops/thongs (for aussies) essential x 2 at least. but remember u wil be able to pick up bits and pieces as u go. travel very lightly with toiletries. again pick them up as u go. [br]if u girls are coming from other countries and are gonna have to travel to hostels i would advise buyin all ya heavy bits n pieces in london jus before we leave… i warn… there are not a lot of hostels/hotels in london that have lifts and its a right pain in the butt if u get put on the top floor and u have to lug ur suitcase or backpack up the stairs… [br]ok so i think i covered most of it…[br]chat soon[br]crystal


oops… that last sentence was supposed to say “dont have lifts”


Thanx 4 the tips crystal! i’ve just started writting a rought list of what i need 2 pack.ahhhhhh it’s driving me insane,much harder than i thought!!


Thanx for the info crystal! [br]Only 3 months to go ;D


it’s getting closer!! so excited getting ready to start counting down the days!!! woooot!;D