Grand European 29 May - 25 June 2012



I’m Michelle, a 22 year old Brisbane girl. First time traveller to Europe and doing the Grand European Top deck Tour, 29 May – 25 June 2012 by myself and just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour too?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Michelle,

I am doing your tour but 2 months after you just wanted to say good luck and I’m sure you will be fine. This is my first time overseas without my family so feeling a lil nervous myself, lol


Hey Michelle.
I’ll be on this tour :slight_smile: travelling alone. I’m also from brisbane!

Can’t wait




I will also be going on this tour, travelling with two friends. When will you both be heading overseas? :slight_smile:



Awsome! where are u guys from? I’m arriving in London on April 19th. What about u guys?



I’m from Canberra. Starting in Scotland on May 15th and will get to London on May 24th. I will be joining the trip in Paris instead of London. What are your plans after the trip?