Grand European 28th July


Hi,[br][br]I am seriously considering going on this tour but have my reservations as I think I maybe the only brit on this tour lol…I love you aussies and kiwi’s yaaaaaaa so lovely however u all have something in common before you’ve even got on the coach…Unlike poor ole me :([br][br]Can you help me overcome my apprehensions…[br][br]Look forward to hearing from you shortly…[br][br]Cheers!!!


ok now im worried…28 views not 1 response lol[br][br]perhaps its not such a good idea lol…[br][br]


hmmmmmmmmm[br][br]looks like i better not go otherwise i will be the original billy no mates for a month lol…[br][br]thanx anyway for at leasting my post :frowning:


Hey - i’m sure people are just not sure what to say!![br]I’m going on the tour august 4th but def jump on board the dates you want.[br][br]Doesn’t matter if you not kiwi/auss will be a nice change plus we have to give england a bit of ribbing it’s what we do.[br][br]Go for it mate, book it, enjoy it and make lots of friends.[br][br]Kiwi A:)


thank you very much for your reassurance…tis most appreciated…[br][br]is this your first tour with topdeck?[br][br]got nothing stopping me so I may just go ahead and bite the bullet…[br][br][br]


First time with Top Deck but i’ve heard but only good things about the company.[br][br]Been on a few other tours and they are great, its what you make of it and just have a laugh.[br][br]Ang:)


hey[br][br]Yeh im going on this tour.[br]cant wait.[br][br]ad


Hey there


Oops, messed that one up good and proper.[br]I’m on that tour too.[br]Is anyone staying at Globetrotters???[br][br]Cheers[br]Jac