Grand European 28th Aug 2012


Hi all :slight_smile:

Booked to go on grand european 28th august 2012. First timer and going aolo. Be great to hear from other doing this trip. Im in sydney nsw. So excited, can’t wait. Any tips etc would be great too

Cheers Bec


Hi Becky, myself and my boyfriend have also booked this trip. We live in Glasgow and have seen some of Europe however haven’t done the bus thing before so its all kind of new. Have you heard from anyone else doing this trip?



Hi Emma :slight_smile:

Yeah one other girl is doing the same trip that i have spoken to and i seen two other guys going aswell. my boyfriend is now coming with me which eases my mind a little :slight_smile: so super excited it is sneaking up on me quick.

look forward to meeting you



Hey thats good :slight_smile: I am getting excited it will be here before we know it.