Grand European 28 day - July 12



I have just booked this trip and seeing if anyone else had yet??
Im already counting down the days, cant wait! :slight_smile:


Hi Haylz!

I have booked onto this trip, Good to meet someone else before hand!

Epic days ahead… ;D


ohh ive had to swap to the july 5 tour instead! my friend i was going with bailed so i had to change some stuff around!
have an awesome trip tho!! :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

A friend and I have booked on this trip too. I was originally on the June 28th one, but rebooked onto this one!


I’m booked onto this one too! I’m also counting the days(!!), it’s getting closer now & I can’t wait! :slight_smile:

it’s good to hear other people on this trip.

Is anyone else doing any other tours? I’m also doing the Britain/Ireland Explorer - 14 August-27 August…


Hiya Katie and AliP!

It’s reassuring to meet others on this trip! It will be my first time abroad.

I am doing a couple of other tours before this one, the Busabout 11 Day tour through Ibiza-Mallorca-Menorca, then make my way to San Sebastian for a couple of bull-runs in Pamplona with The Fanatics, then to London for a few days before I join this tour! Fingers crossed I’m still in one piece!

AliP from Perth? Is Ali short for Alicia??


ohh i may not be seeing u on the july 12 tour anymore DK but i may see u in ibiza! haha im looking at the busabout 8 day tour on june 24 :slight_smile:


Hi DK!

It does feel good to meet some people doing the same trip! I’ve been away a number of times but never by myself so I’m really excited!

I’m arriving in London on 10 July and then doing another tour after this one - Britain & Ireland, before staying on for a stay in Mykonos with friends, Oktoberfest with the Fanatics with a friend and then more travelling.

Ali is short for Alison B-)
Whereabouts in Perth are you DK? I’m currently in Bunbury during the week and some weekends for work before I leave for the trip…


Oh cool Haylz that’s the Ibiza tour I’m on! I think it’s sold out though? I’m not sure, my travel agent told me I had the last seat, who knows!? Press to test…

A girl I know in Perth also goes by the name Ali.P, I had to check, but her first name isn’t Alison, all good! I’m living and working in Perth…

Dean K


Hey everyone!!

I’m getting so excited! Can’t wait.

A friend, Jae and I will be in London from the 24th of June until the tour starts. So if anyone is there in this time and wants to catch up before the tour let me know!
My email is

We’re not doing any other tours, but going to work and live in York when the tour is done!

So good to meet some people on the same trip before we go!

Cheers, :slight_smile:


Only 7 weeks to go!!! Yipee!!


Hey, I am also booked on this trip and getting really excited. I am traveling solo so am hoping to make some new friends.



;d ;d ;d


Hey everyone,

Me and my friend are doing the trip together, and just wanted to say hi and that we are so excited only four weeks away now. It’s my first big trip so can’t wait to have a great holiday with all of you. We are staying in London before the trip, and were wondering whether anyone knows of good places to stay, or if anyone is staying at the Clink Hostel (where we meet on the first day) prior to the trip?

Also if anyone wants to catch up before the trip, or knows some must see places in London let us know :slight_smile:

So excited, safe travels and see you all soon ;D


Hey Liz and Junior! I’m going by myself and also arriving in London 10th july at the night! What about all we tree going to do a city tour together in London in 11th july before the trip???

I saw on the Clink Hostel website that they provide a free city tour, do you know something more about that?

I’m counting the days! Can’t wait :slight_smile: Yaaayyyyy :slight_smile: B-)


Hi There!

Sounds great. Think we are going to stay at the clink but have to look into it! I think my friend and i are definitely going to do a tour so when we find out what tour we are doing we will let you know. Another idea is we could all meet up for a drink in london the night before? Just a thought let me know what you all think.

Is anyone doing travelling (not on tours) after the trip?


Hey everyone,

Jae and I are gonna be staying at the clink hostel the night before the tour (we don’t wanna be wandering around london at 5 in the morning!! haha)
So do we wanna try and arragne drinks on the night of the 11th? So excited!
Can’t wait to meet everyone




I am staying at the Clink the night before the trip. My flight gets in at 6:25am so I have all day. Also I have a quick question, are you guys using suit cases or backpacks? I haven’t decided yet


Can’t wait Cheers


Hi Crew!

Good to meet more people on the trip! I will be staying at the Victory Services Club (about 5km away from the Clink) from the 8 Jul up until departure. I have bought a ‘London Pass’ for the three days I will be in London, it gets you into pretty much all of the popular attractions, instead of having to pay and line-up everytime you get to an attraction.

Katie - A meet-up for drinks on the 11th sounds good!

Ethan - I am bringing a wheeled suitcase.

Liz.R - I am actually jumping off this tour at the Bruges stop on the last day to train it back to Amsterdam. My flight home leaves from there the next day! I am doing some travel in Spain prior to the trip though.

If anyone needs my email just send me a PM.

Epic days!



Hi guys!

I’m up for drinks the night before the trip 11th july!!!

What about all we meet up in the Clink Hostel at some hour in the night?

Everyone who would like company in the 11th to do a city tour in London, pls let me know :slight_smile: