Grand European 28 day - Apr 2011


Hi All,

Is anyone planning on doing this tour? I think im going to book the one that departs April 5th.

Let me know if ur on the same tour so we can get to know each other…Im 28 y.o from Sydney.



Well i went to the Travel Show today in Sydney and got a great discount on the Grand European tour above. Not only did i get the 7.5% off (about $250) which u can also get online at the moment, but i got an additional $250 off as a travel show special. So i saved $500 and also got my flights into Paris and out of London with Singapore for $1958 which is pretty good. Im so excited that its now locked in and im officially going - now i just have to wait 5 months to actually go!!!
Anyone else planning on going on this tour?


Hi April

I just booked on the Roman Chariot tour starting April 5th - it starts the same as the Grand European but finishes in Rome so I think we’ll be on the same bus?

I got a similar discount at a travel expo here in Wellington!

I know - 5 months is too long (especially when you’ve already been thinking about it for months!)

Im a 23 yo Kiwi

Any other April 5th’ers out there?



Hey guys,
I’m Matt, I will be 22 years old by the time this tour leaves, Im from Brizzy and will be booking this tour this week.
Can’t wait ;D


Hi All,

Ive actually had to change my tour dates due to a work commitment so im still doing Grand European but im leaving on May 3rd now. Ive booked the tour and airfares so im all set!


i’m doing the grand european
but i’ll be leaving 17th may :slight_smile:


I just booked yesterday, wish April would hurry up


hey! im stacey 21yo from australia just booked this tour on april 5th too! cant wait! do you guys have plans for after yet?? we ( me n ellie who is also coming) were thinking greek island sailing?? or spain?? to hard to choose may even do both!


Hey Stacey!!! I’m sooooooooo happy to meet you. I was starting to think I was gonna be on the bus alone lol :). Unfortunately, I’m using pretty much the entire contents of my savings account just doing the 1 tour, so I will be heading home straight after the Grand European tour ends. Although if I could, I definitely would stay longer. I recon the Greek Island sailing sounds fun, if I was doing another 1, I’d do that :).

Have you guys booked your accomodation before and after the tour yet? I’m booked in at the Meridiana Hotel. It’s only about a 7 minute walk to the Clink Hostel. I chose that 1 because I wanted a private room, just so I can get a good nights sleep before the tour and it was pretty reasonably priced.

I’m actually flying into London on April 3, so I can have a little bit of time to explore London. I especially want to visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, the Tower of London, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace, although I probaly wont have time to do all of that in just 2 days lol :).

If you and Ellie are in London around then, we should catch up for a drink or something, or you could come visit those places with me if you want. I’m travelling solo, so it would be awesom to get to know some people.


hi!! yeh our agent booked the clink hostel which i am now sort of regretting but oh well! ellie arrives in on the 2nd and i will eithetr be there already or same time still not sure yet but yes we are to explore everything in 2 days too! we r definatley up for a few drinks too! we cant wait!!! have u travelled before??


I’m sure the Clink Hostel isn’t as bad as the reviews make out. At least you only have to go down stairs for the bus :slight_smile:
The only travelling I’ve done so far was a P&O cruise last year with a few mates that went through Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu.
This is my first time travelling alone, so I’m just a tiny bit nervous, but at the same time really really excited lol

How about you, is this your first time travelling?


yeh i did my gap year in canada to work for a bit, and ellie did hers in fiji she has also been to china recently although not solo we have either met people before and went with people we know… so your in the same boat as us what to pack and all the little things you need to know for moving alot and travelling at same time… its gonna be awesome fun!!


You’re so lucky to have been able to work in Canada. I’m so jealous. I was thinking of doing one of those working holidays where you work at the ski slopes, but didn’t get my application in on time this year, so maybe i will do that next year.
Yeah I know what you mean about all the little things, I’ve been stressing like mad trying to organise everything such as new passport (lost my old 1), what sort of luggage to take, what sort of currency (like travelex or overseas mastercard etc), accomodation, public transport vouchers…

But yeah, it is goona be awesome fun, it will be absolutely amazing. I really can’t wait.

Do you know if we need any visas or anything? :slight_smile:


im pretty sure we dont need any visas on this tour… if u want to add us on facebook you can find ellie phillips from shepparton vic if u like aswell!


Sweet, I definitely will do that :slight_smile: Only about 114 days left to go



Thought I’d join back into the discussion!

Ive booked to stay in a dorm at the Clink78 on April 4th.
I actually arrive late at night on April 3rd but Im not sure how safe it would be trying to navigate London in the dark with all my stuff so Im just going to (try) sleep at Stansted Airport.

But yeah if anyone wants to meet up to do some exploring on the 4th then I would be keen.
Hopefully the adrenalin buzz of being in Europe will overcome any tiredness!


Hey Hannah, I plan on doing a fair bit of sight seeing in London on the 4th. I’d love to have someone to go with. I recon we should all get together and hang out before the tour


ohh i have booked this tour but for july 12! got longer to wait than u guys!


Howdy Haylz, I think I have a soloution so you don’t have to wait so long, swap your tour for ours, it’s gonna be a blast!!! :slight_smile:


Hi guys!

I just recently found out about this forum thing, how clever! ;D Im also travelling solo for the grand European tour, and im staying at the Clinks hostel a day before and a day after our tour! I think all travel agents shove everyone there if we dont find our own place to stay haha.

Its about 3 months away now! wooo! yay! cant wait!

If anyone is from Sydney and wants a travel buddy im keen! :slight_smile: