Grand European 28 day: 3 - 30 May


Hi All,

Just booked the Grand European tour departing May 3rd! So excited :slight_smile:

Im 28rs old from Sydney, Australia.

Anyone else going on this tour?




Just booked on the same tour (Grand European 3 - 30 May 2011), looks like you cant even escape from us kiwi’s on the other side of the world!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

See you in May



Hi Guys,
I’m doing the tour also, exciting!! cranking the overtime at work for extra $ time has flown by.



Hey guys,
Also doing the same tour!!! Anyone going to London lil earlier than the tour? Should be arriving few days early just to check out the place…! So pumped for the tour !!!



Hey im doing the tour too, me and my two sisters plus my BF. CANT freaking wait. We are staying in london for 5 days after the tour : )

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Im actually flying into Paris for a few days before meeting up with you guys on 3rd May in Paris - i wanted to spend longer in Paris than 2 nights. Im also staying for a week in London after the tour finishes and might head out of London to explore, maybe even go up to Scotland. Anyone else interested in travelling after the tour ends?


oh cool. Yeah we are just staying the five days in london after the tour and then going home. have you looked into any places to stay in london?


I was probably going to stay in the post accommodation hotel for at least one night after the tour then look to go elsewhere. Ive never been to London or Europe so it would be nice to have some friends to do London with. How old are you guys?


Hey guys,
I Just booked this tour also :D,
I am travelling by myself and am arriving in London 2days earlier to check it out, and am staying a another week after the tour,
I’m so excited!!!


yeah we are staying at the Clink the night before and for 5 nights after the tour also, it was pretty hard to find accomodation and my friend stayed at the clink when she was in London and said it was pretty good so i just booked that for the whole time. Me and my boyfriend are 23 and my two sisters are 19. How old are you? so close now, so excited : )


I am 18 :smiley:


Hi Again Everyone,
Well only 4 days to go for me until i depart Sydney for Paris for 3 days on my own until i meet up with you all on 3rd May in Paris. Soooo excited :slight_smile:
Ive booked Paris hostel accommodation till then as well as 1 night accommodation at the Clink in London after the tour.
Is anyone interested in exploring London and Scottland after the tour ends?