Grand European 27th July 2010


Hey :slight_smile:

Who else is doin this tour?? where is every1 from??

Yay sooo can’t wait!!!


I have signed up for this one…it will be here before we know it! :slight_smile:


Oh hey :slight_smile:

I can’t wait till it is here and to meet everyone and go to all the amazing places…

So where are you from, are you traveling with anyone?


Hey, I’m booked on this tour too! Can’t wait!! Coming with my friend Louisa. I’m 20 and she is 21. We are both from Birmingham originally, but living in Cardiff. Are you travelling with anyone? x


I started my own post on this amd didnt realise there was one going already! Im coming too! :slight_smile: so excited!


Ooo look there is a few of us now hehe
I am 22 and from Melbourne, Australia… Before Europe I am touring america with a friend, then europe by myself… I can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Hey there i am doing this tour with two other mates…cant wait for it :slight_smile: we are all from Newcastle Australia. Look forward to catching up with everyone. Is anyone staying at the Clink Hostel the night before? See you all soon…


Oh hey :slight_smile:
It’s getting so exciting; as it is getting closer and when more people respond!
I was meant to be staying at Clink three days before the tour, but they booked out of the room I had requested… Wbu?


Yeah we are staying at the Clink the night previous and then again for about 4 days when we return to the UK and then we are off to Ireland. Cant wait to get over there. :slight_smile:


YAY!The forum is alive!

Hi Everyone!

Nice to hear what everyone is doing!

I’m from Perth, doing this tour on my own! I have 10 days free after the tour to go watever…I am thinking I’ll plan it when I get there and hope for the best!It’s under 10 weeks away!

Should be grand! :slight_smile:


Yes is very alive :smiley: yayyaaa
Ahh sounds good as everyone!!
It is nice to hear that someone else will doing the tour on their own Andrea, me too :slight_smile:
I only have 3 extra days to fill… don’t no what I will do!!!

Does anyone have msn??
Add me if you like :slight_smile:



Hi hi everyone!

My name is Krystal, I’m from Newcastle/Central Coast NSW Australia.
My cousin Mat and I are doing this tour together.
We have 5 nights at the Clink before the tour, and fly out like 1 day after!

Really looking forward to it!

Where bouts in Newie are you from Mark?



Heya all! Im from perth and travelling alone. Staying at the clink the night before too :slight_smile: thank god that volcano has stopped! Got all my travel documents yesterday! Girls, who is taking hairdryers? Anyone? Ill bring the hair straightner…! Or maybe even mark is bringing the hair dryer? Hehe.


Hey everyone i cant wait…the countdown is on…Krystal i live up the bay, where are u from?? Ease up Tiff no hair dryer from me…im gonna struggle to only take 20kgs of clothes for 7 weeks so i dont have to wash lol Look forward to catching up with you all real soon :slight_smile:


Hey, i am from Newcastle Australia, i will be on this tour with two other mates, one of them is Mark who is already on this forum, and yes he will need the hair dryer.Look forward to meeting you all soon.


Mark, your taking 20kgs so you dont have to wash! You know what they say, four uses out of every pair of undies! I just bags not sitting near you. How long is everyone in london before the tour?


we are only in London the night before the tour but then we are back there for 5 days at the end of it. Less than 6 weeks to go now ;D


Is anyone on facebook??
add me :slight_smile:


OMG only 23 working days to go! Soooooo can’t wait!
Getting excited now! :wink:
I’m from Carrington in Newcastle, but I work in Gosford and live there during the week!

Girls I am prob bringing a straightener, not sure about the hair dryer!! lol!


Hey everyone!

Me and my friend Naomi are on this tour… she messaged a couple of months back ive onyl just got to grips with how to write on this thing - its quite complicated lol

i will definately be bringing hairdryer and straighteners ! - staying in the hostel the night before - we are both originally from Birmingham England so not far for us but we are living in Cardiff at the moment

Can’t wait for the tour !! not long now :slight_smile: