Grand European 26July-22August


hello, just wondering if anyone else is going on this trip? am going solo and wouldn’t mind getting to know some people before the trip ::slight_smile:


Hi Sarah,
I am on this tour and also travelling solo:). What are your travel plans?


hey :slight_smile:
are you the lauren i added on fb?
sarah x


Hi Sarah & Loz Im going on this tour too!!!
Also traveling by myslef. First time to Europe for me. How about you to.


yes its my first time in europe, first time overseas!
do you have facebook Jemma? I added Lauren and theres another person called Ben too. its a bit easer than this forum :slight_smile:
add me:


Hey everyone me and one of my friends are on this one. Yay!!! ;D Add me on facebook. Dont know how to put a link to my page but my name is Jessica Maude Howarth. :slight_smile: