Grand European 26 Sep - 23 Oct 2017


Hey everyone i will be doing the Grand European 26 Sep - 23 Oct after i do a 5 day Scotland tour. This is going be my first overseas trip I’m going solo and will be having my 27th birthday on the tour so hoping to make some friends to celebrate it with


Hi @project90!

My friend and i are going to be doing this tour aswel, and its going to be my 26th birthday when we are travelling to the swiss alps! Looking forward to celebrating with you :slight_smile:



Hey nice meet you Lucy where abouts are you from have you traveled before?


Hey all,

I am going on this tour as well. Travelling solo from Melbourne! :slight_smile:

September can’t come quick enough!



Were both from New Zealand, my friend has travelled to a few other countries, but i havent much :slight_smile:

Were arriving on the 24th September and staying at the Wombats for the nights prior before the tour kicks off!


I’m getting to London in the 25th after finish Scotland also staying at the wombat than staying on in London for 4 days when tour ends before going to Dublin for a week

Hey Katrina solo travelers gang :slight_smile: have you travel before


Awesome! Were staying at the Wombat for 5 nights post tour aswel, then we head home :frowning:

Where are you from Tim?

Hi Katrina :slight_smile:


I’m staying at Wombats a few days before and after the tour as well :slight_smile:

I’ve just gotten back from a cruise to Vanuatu and New Caledonia. I’ve also been to Thailand but this will be my first time on my own and a lot longer than anything else I’ve done! :airplane:


I’m from Queensland Australia and I’ve barely left the state before (done bit nsw)


Wondering how much ppeole are bring with them for spending money and what cloths bringing more so what you doing for warm clothing