Grand European 26 July 11


Hi I’m going on this tour solo. It is a guaranteed departure so there must be a few of us anyone out there???


Hey Jemma,

I booked my tour yesterday, but im joining in Paris.
Ive posted a few times but youre the only person that seems to be doing it too.
Where abouts in Aus you from?



Hey Wes, Sweet I put my deposit down yesturday too maybe where just ealry birds.
Im from the South Coast NSW. Its my first time to Europe what about you???


Hi Jess I was supposed to go with my sister too but she pulled out at the last minute so now going solo. First time to Europe??


Hey Jemma and Jess,

Oh sweet, finally people are doing it, add me on facebook; Wesley Shaw.
Yeah I cant wait, are you guys joining in London? And what are you up to after the tour?
Yeah its my first time too and im going solo.
Oh where abouts down the coast, i used to live in Husskison and Vincentia, but live in Sydney now.


Thanks Jess you have fun too :slight_smile:


You’re doing the one on the 7th of June right Jessa?

Ahh that sucks Jemma, do you happen to know Matty Mcleod by any chance? Ahh that’s no good, are you travelling anywhere else after the tour?


hello, i’m sarah i’m going on the grand european leaving the 26th :slight_smile:
i’m also going solo, so nervous but excited!!!


Hi Jemma, Jess and Wesley
I will be on the Grand European Tour from July 26th-August 22nd also. Looking forward to meeting you all:)


Hi Guys, Me and my friend Jess are also going on this tour. You can add us on fackbook if you would like Emma Waters and Jessica Maude Howarth! :slight_smile:


Hey All,

I’ll be on this tour, grand european 26th July!!! I’m so excited. I have 3 other friends coming.
Add me on facebook, Ange Gleeson


HELLO FUTURE TRAV BUDDIES :stuck_out_tongue: my names Brooke (from Melb) Im also on the grand european for the 26th of July :slight_smile: wooo!! im very technologically retarded so please all of you add me on Fb. if you like ‘brooke langham’… so glad to finally meet some people before leaving :slight_smile:
Any of your staying at Clink hotel before the tour commences? ill be there as of the 20th of july!
love brooke xx


Hey Brooke,
I’ll be rolling into the Clink sometime in the afternoon of the 25th. We could catch up for a drink or something with anyone else doing the tour thats staying at the clink.


Sounds Great Ange! Lovely to meet you! Anyone else is very welome too!! The more the merrier :slight_smile: wooo not long now! i leave in 8 days… my first travelling experience ever!(Solo) kinda shittin myself lol… Keep me posted xx


Hi Im also going on this trip.
Originally from Australia but workingin London at the moment and doing some travel as well.


hi, if you have facebook add me: sarah elizabeth eileen chaplin. we made a fb group so i can add you to that :slight_smile:


whoa! ha-ha is everyone Aussie?? love it but. My friend shanelle and i are going too… cant wait! feel free to add me on facebook :slight_smile: Tegan M Muir
oh p.s does anyone know what the prices are for lockers or storage at the clink 78?? my friend and i were there last week for two night and an aussie guy got his bag stolen from the luggage room :frowning: so i was thinking i should store some stuff in a locker hmm?? any one that could help me out would be great :slight_smile: