is anyone else on this one??


this the one that starts 3rd may and ends may 29th?


no :frowning:

May 24th - June 20th

I think there is another topic for the dates you posted though!


Hi there Kate,

I am about to book this trip, I can’t wait ! ! ! ! ! !

Planning on flying over the Thursday or Friday before to have some adventures around London and stay for an extra week after.

Just need a fast forward button now :slight_smile:


Beyond excited, 4 months to go!!

I am going with 3 other girls from new zealand, is anyone else going on this one?? I believe it is not a “confirmed departure” unless they have the numbers…not sure how many they need, I assume around 20 people? Hopefully it’s all sweet!


Wassuuup!!! Signed up :slight_smile: Hopefully more people do soon!


Hi everyone,
I’ve been meaning to register for this forum for ages but only getting around to it now!

Im going on this one as well! Supa excited!

Im also staying a few days before and after in London to do some sightseeing there as well! Ive booked in at the same place we leave from.

Im just trying to get everything organised re the visa’s etc…

4 months will go quickly, I reckon!


Yea we’re staying in that hostel the night before too, hopefully these 4 months fly by quickly! Cannot wait ;D


Anyone know how many people they need for a guaranteed departure? I’m getting paranoid haha.