Grand European 24th May


Hi everyone! I’ve booked myself in on the Grand European tour starting the 24th May. This is the first time I’ll be traveling by myself (outside of nz, auz and raro) anyone else booked on this tour? I’d love to hear from others :laughing:


Hey @NZHannah2015 ! I’ve just booked this tour too and its also my first time travelling outside of AU by myself… Nervous but excited :smiley:


Yeah I’m nervous too but can’t wait! Glad to hear someone else is travelling on their own and I’m not the only one :blush: do you mind if I ask how old you are?


Yeah that is good to hear! I was worried about being the only one. I’ll be 31 on the trip :slight_smile:
May I ask how old you are? I’m also worried about being too old haha.


Me too haha I was beginning to wonder if I’d be on the bus by myself! I’m 24 but I have two older sisters that I spend a lot of time with (one is about your age) so am glad there is someone slightly older than me :blush: It would be good to have a range of ages and nationalities


Hey I have just booked on this tour. I’m also traveling alone for the first time. So glad to see that I’m not the only one :blush:


Sorry I’ve only just seen this! Yay! I’m so excited others are travelling by themselves, making me feel a bit better about it all, it’s quite nerve racking!


Yeah very nerve racking. It’s a lot more comforting knowing I’m not the only one traveling alone and that were around the same age


It also doesn’t feel real at all. Everyone keeps asking if I’m excited but it is so surreal! It’s definitely comforting knowing there are others :blush: how old are you and where abouts are you coming from?


Yeah it feels so surreal, hasn’t sunk in yet. Im 27 (almost 28) and I’m coming from Perth. Where abouts in NZ are you from? I’m from NZ but moved to Perth 6 years ago


I feel like it won’t till I’m on the plane haha! Oh awesome!! I’m from Paraparaumu (40 mins outside Wellington ) where abouts are you from originally?


Oh cool, I’m from tauranga. Are you spending any time in London or anywhere else before the trip starts?


Oh nice, it’s so beautiful there :blush: I am having a full day stopover in Shanghai (being taken around for the day) then in London two days before the tour starts :blush: how about you? You going back to London as well?


Oh awesome! I’m doing the Britain and Ireland tour first then have 3 days in London :smile:


Oh awesome! ! That will be so fun! Are you heading home after our tour? I’m heading back to London for a few days then going to Santorini with a friend and then back to London for two before I leave. Have a stopover in Singapore before I head home :blush: it’s going to be so exhausting but so worth it!


Oh awesome! That will be so much fun. I really wanted to go to santorini but couldn’t get It to work out so chose Ireland and Scotland instead. No I’m flying out the day after the tour ends unfortunately. Yeah will definetly be worth it. I’m hoping I’ll be to excited to feel exhausted haha


Aww stink! Ireland and Scotland will be so amazing, I wanted to go there but the same with you and Santorini, I couldn’t get it to work! Hope to hear about it on our tour :blush:


So gutted this has been cancelled! What have you booked instead? I’m doing two now, European Getaway and British Isles tour


Omg I had no idea it’s been cancelled. When did you find that out? I have no idea what trip to do now :confused:


Oh my gosh!? Really? I found out on Wednesday afternoon. My travel agent let me know! Did you book yourself or through an agent? Topdeck have been amazing with helping cover extra costs etc