Grand European 23rd August 2011


Hey there peeps!
Am travelling alone on the Grand European on the 23rd (my friends couldnt get the time off :frowning: )
Am staying at the Clink the night before and would love to catch up for a few drinks and get to know some people before we head off!
Would be cool to hear from anyone else who is also going on the tour!


Hey Erin,
I’m also doing the same tour solo on the 23rd. I’m staying at a hostel called YHA London St Pancras for 5 nights prior to the tour. Not to sure where the clink is but its probably close by so i’ll def try and organise a bevvo with you and hopefully some others from the tour before the tour departure. Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi! I only just saw your message! Im slack sorry. Am at the Clink now, getting exited for our departure tomorrow!! Will see you then if you arent around tonight!