Grand european 23 august 2011


Hey :slight_smile:

Wanting to know if there are any other ppl planing to go on the Grand European tour on the 23rd of August?

I’m going with my friend and it’s our first trip overseas so we would like to know some ppl before we go :slight_smile:


Also, as it is our first trip overseas could anyone give us any tips on what to take and what the weather may be like around august/ september?
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Going on the one that startd Aug 2.
Pack light is my recommendation.
What you need you can buy from zara along the way.
the odd jacket going to germany/austria.
But from Spain to Croatia should still be hot as.
Have fun.



I’m from Switzerland, so I know the weather in Europe. In Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy) it’s still pretty warm in September
(normally 24°C). In Germany, Austria, UK it’s getting a little bit colder, but still around 18°C. And it can be raining.


Thanks for the tips, appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m really considering doing this trip.
this is my first time im going to be traveling solo,

would like to know what everyones rough plans are?
like staying in london a few days before the trip starts? ect.
and roughly how much spending money should i consider taking?
thanks heaps


Hi Blake,

Yay you should do it!

I have no idea about how much spending money to take, bit of a worry, as I don’t want to run out of money when I’m there!

Does anyone have any tips on how much spending money we should take?

I haven’t been able to take much more time off work so I think my friend and I will be in London 1 day before we meet up with group, depending on what date we book our flights, etc.

So have you booked this tour?

Don’t worry about traveling solo i’m sure we will all get along and have an awesome time! :slight_smile:


Hey!! Awww I was originally booked on this tour but I changed to the Sept 6 departure!

Pack very light! Are you thinking Suitcase or backpack? I’m a terrible spender, I buy soo much stuff hahaha… for my 6 weeks away I’m thinking approx 6k… and maybe a credit card just in case! haha

I wish I was going for longer but like you I couldn’t get anymore time off work!


Aww noo wish you were coming on our dates! I hope you have an amazing time though! :slight_smile:
I am a terrible spender as well and so is my friend haha we will have to send stuff home while we are away.
Well all the best with your trip!


Haha i wish i was going these dates too but its too late to change my tour and flights haha.
What are you doing after your trip?
Im sending all my stuff back as well I hope it makes it… my mum sent stuff back and the expensive stuff never made it to Aust. maybe dont send anything expensive!!