Grand European 22nd May to 18th June 2018



My name is Ivy, 26yrs old from Sydney. Was wondering if any one else is I’m thinking of doing this tour. Will prob be travelling with a friend and it’ll be our first time to Europe. Looking at making some new friends before the tour or meeting up to explore london a few days before. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


Hi Ivy, I’m Liana and I’m 24yrs old from Wollongong. I’m booking this tour on Friday. Are you still going?? :slight_smile:


I’m going to be booking this trip next week! I’m from Geelong and will be getting to London a few days early to. My first time to Europe as well so happy to discover with new people!


Hi All, if you have any questions about this tour, holla. I did it a couple of years ago.



Hi, I’m about to book this trip too. I’ll also be spending a couple days in London beforehand:)


Hey guys, I’m also looking at booking this trip. There are just so many options to choose from!

24 from Melbourne.


Hey all! I’ve just booked the Roman Chariot which is the first part of this tour finishing off in Rome. I’ll be getting into London on May 19th and it’s my first time to Europe. Can’t wait to go!

26 Melbourne


Hey did you book yet?


I have booked! My Snapchat is v1z4rd if anyone wants to add me to chat and get to know each other a bit before hand!


Hi All,

I’m Aiden and I’m 20yrs old from little old Adelaide.

I’ve just booked this tour (as of this morning) and I’m so excited to head along to it. I’m staying in the Generator Hostel in London a few days before hand and then planning on staying an additional month in Europe going to places like Ukraine, Italy and England.

Keen to see you all, I’m happy to give you my snapchat if you want :slight_smile:


Hey all, if you want to add me on snapchat to get to know me before the tour my name is Gstevo276 and I’ll also be staying at the generator from the 19th


Hi all, so I’m kinda a last minute person compared to all of you cause I just booked this tour! I’m 24 yrs from Melbourne and travelling solo too! So excited for this tour! Looking forward to meet all of y’all! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, also booked this recently and travelling solo.
22 from Adelaide :slight_smile:
Keen to meet everyone!


Hi, my friend and I booked this a few months back and have just come across this forum.
We are 24yr and from New Zealand.
We will be in the UK a few weeks before and staying afterwards to continue our travels around Europe and work in the UK.
Also we will be staying in the Genorator hostel a few nights before hand, so will meet most of you there :slight_smile:


Hi Ivy and everyone! Late to your post but I’ve booked this trip, jumping off in Barcelona. I’m 26 also from Hobart Tas. I’ll be in London for a few days beforehand if anyone wants to grab a drink or do some sightseeing?