Grand European 22nd June - 19th July



Was wondering if anyone has booked into this trip?

Aimee x



Im booked on this trip on my own, but Im joining in at Venice as I am doing the first half 2 weeks before with my boyfriend. We go to Greece after Rome, then he comes home & I go back to finish the rest of the tour joining on the 5th July when the tour arrives in Venice! Im female from Queensland, Australia.

Are you going solo or with friends? :slight_smile:


Solo, getting quite nervous now! I’m from the UK, quite close to london. Are u doing another tour or just travelling together? X


We are doing the Roman Chariot topdeck tour, which is actually just the first half of the Grand European although we leave london on the 8th June for that one. So we leave the tour after Rome, then head to Greece. After that my boyfriend has to come home back to work (as he started a new job & could only get a few weeks off work). But Im staying on after I send him off at the airport and then starting the next tour in Venice, which will be your tour. So you will have got to know everyone before me! ill be the new one by the time your tour gets to Venice for the second half.

I lived in Birmingham for 3 years from when I was 18 - 21. I worked in London, Birmingham & Manchester at the time so Im pretty familiar with England…

We are so excited! We fly out in 4 days!!!


Sounds fun, u must be getting really excited now! Did u enjoy working over here? I’m sure it’ll be fine joining late. How old are u, if u don’t mind me asking? Are u planning on spending any time in london after?


Im 25, I only have 2 nights in london after the tour ends, so I booked the night we arrive back at the clink, incase anyone wants to go out for drinks after, then my last night I booked at a place in paddington right by the station… so I can get connect to heathrow the next morning. I will still get jitters about travelling on the tube at morning peak hour… any other time of day ill be fine!

I loved working over there, I had a great time! It will be 4 years this summer since I left!

I really want to check out camden markets the day after the tour…If the clink hostel is really terrible ill just cancel and book somewhere else!


Sounds good. I don’t think I’ve even been to Camden markets! U must be really excited about leaving now, it’s only a few days! I guess I’ll see u in Venice, I hope u have a great time before
then x