Grand European 22 July 2008


Hi is anyone at all here going to be on this tour? Would be fantastic if someone was, else me and bus driver had better get along! :P[br][br]-Tabitha :slight_smile:


Just hoping someone will see this if i keep it near the top![br][br]-Tabitha :slight_smile:


Hi there Tabitha,[br][br]I’m booked to go on the trip too! I’m so thankful you posted this, I had checked previously and they aren’t any other topics for this trip. I’m guessing though it’s just the two of us and the bus driver.[br][br]Not long to go now. Are you from Aus?[br][br]Yas xx


heya!![br]Im going on this tour as well!! Cant wait!! Im joining in paris though, is anyone else?? The weather has been amazing at the moment, really hope it stays that way for the tour!![br][br]Kimberley[br]xx


Hi Kimmie and Yas! [br][br]Wow you made my day! I’ve created two strands for this tour and noone come on![br][br]Thats great Kimmie cz the weather in New Zealand has been awful! Just gets me more excited for when I leave. I fly to London on the 17th and am staying at the Globetrotters until the tour starts. Is anyone else staying there?[br][br]I’m from New Zealand not Auzzie soz Yas. How about you guys? England and NZ?[br][br]-Tabitha :slight_smile:


Hi Tabitha and Kimberley,[br][br]I’m working in as a Gappie in a boarding school in Northern England atm. Came over from Aus at the beginning of the year. I’m staying in London with rellies in the week leading up to the trip. [br][br]Glad to hear the weather in Paris is nice, because its been absolutely miserable over here. Can’t wait for beautiful Europe weather!!! Only 3 weeks to go now.[br][br]Are you guys staying long after the tour finishes or heading home pretty soon??[br][br]xx Yas


Wow fun! Well Im staying in london for 1 day afterwards and then i go to greece for a couple weeks and then head to the u.s. for about 6 weeks and then canada for about 4 weeks and then japan for 1 week and then home again so im on the go a lot!! Got a totally flexible ticket tho so I’ll see what happens once Im there, last week of work this week so getting pretty excited now. By the way I created a page for our tour:[br][br][br][br][br]-Tabitha :slight_smile:


Kais I just called up TopDeck to find out how many other people are booked for this tour and they said it was pretty much a full coach of 48 people!! Wowza, where are they all? :P[br][br]-Tabitha :slight_smile:


front page front page!!![br][br]-Tabitha :slight_smile:


back again!!! im staying at the globbetrotter for 5nights after, then im gonna see a bit of england before i head back to paris to start work again!! im working as a nanny / au pair, on gap year number 2 lol and im sorry to say that the last 2 days weather had been terrible, but hopefully it will look up, there are firemans balls all over the city tonight, so it better stay nice for today!!! [br]cant wait for the tour!!![br]


youch it has been icy in Wellington. I cant wait to get on that plane, in… 41 hours!![br][br]-Tabitha :slight_smile:


Argh theres only 6 days to go and i havent got a sleeping bag, bathers, towel or a daypack. must go shopping in london TODAY![br][br]weather in london is fabulous this week - lovely and warm and sunny, ready for ur arrival tabitha. hope paris is keeping up appearances kimme :P[br][br]less than a week to go, didnt think it was possible to be this excited about something. [br][br]looking forward to meeting you guys.[br][br]cheers. yas x


Thats good news, thought it was gonna be cold the way its apparently been there lately. Not many of us on here yet! Another girl has shown up on the facebook page I set up and said she’s had trouble with gettin on the forums here. 18 hours to go now! Me and my mates are just havin a movie night at the mo as a goodbye as I leave tomoro. Monty Python and the Holy Grail haha yay for England! I went shopping for a sleeping bag the other day and found the smaller they are the more they cost so I just got a cheap normal one and then I’ll dump it after the tour. I’ll be trying to learn Japanese the whole trip probably as I go there at the end. Anyone speak any Japanses? lol. Hope you get all your shopping done okay. I’m sure you’ll manage :).[br][br]-Tabitha :slight_smile:


i can speak a lil, but french is more my thing lol yay cant wait!! i know what you mean about needing to get everything ready!! only just bought a bag to lug everything around in!! lol just worked out we are staying in the “ghetto” (so ive been told) in paris lol its all good tho, its nice during the day, lil dodgy if your alone at night tho… things here have been nice tho, hot and most of the time sunny!! not long now til i get to meet you lovely people!!!


Well I arrived in London 2 days ago so i’ve been rushing asll over the place trying to see as much of london as i can before the tour leaves. having heaps of fun but will be nice when u guys get here and i’ll have someone to chat to during the day! I’m staying at the globetrotter inn room 214 so when you get here make sure you pop by until to catch me in my room! yay exciting! one of the other girls is arriving tomoro afternoon so will meet her tomro and go out for a bit. yay for company!!! lol.[br][br]-Tabitha :slight_smile: