Grand European: 22 Aug - 18 Sep 2017!


Hi I have just booked the Grand European trip & am super excited! I’m from New Zealand and would love to hear from others going on this trip!



Hi Christine! Im from NZ too and will most likely be booking onto this trip :slight_smile:


Hey Rebekah, exciting! Hope you do :slight_smile: where in NZ are you from? I’m from Auckland


I’m from Auckland too! Just looking into booking my flights!



My partner and I are booked on this trip. Travelling from Darwin, Australia! :slight_smile:


Hey, if you have any questions about the Grand European, please ask. I did that tour about a year and a half ago :smile:


Hey thanks for reaching out! Will do :slight_smile:


:smile:Me too!!! Lets get ready to party!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


If you join the group via the Topdeck app, you can find our FB group!


Aww okay :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hi Guys :slight_smile:
I am on this tour too. I am having some slight trouble with the app ha… but once that is sorted, I’ll try join the FB group!

See you all soon :smile: