GRAND EUROPEAN 21st of June-18th of July 2016


Has anyone else booked this tour?
Looking to make a few friends before we go!
So excited :slight_smile:


Hey @Sarah_Walsh myself and my friend are going on the Grand European tour on these dates! Would be good to know a few other people too!


Oh that’s so good to hear!
My Facebook is
Feel free to add me :slight_smile:
When are you guys getting there? And are you staying at the London wombats hotel before?


Hey, I am also going on this tour along with 6 other friends. How old are you? Are you travelling alone?


Heyyy @Sarah_Walsh, me and 6 other girls are going we are from Mexico!


Have you guys got Facebook?
I’m 20, turning 21 when we will all be in Croatia!
How about you?


And yes I’m travelling alone!


My name is Alexandria! I am coming on this trip! I just turned 21 and decided this was my huuuge birthday present to myself! Haha. I am from Melbourne Australia and am travelling alone as well! I am gonna be in London a few days before aswell! So excited to meet everyone! :blush:


We are 18 and some of us are turning 19 during the trip


Have you got Facebook?


hey there!
I will be on this trip
I will have just come from 10 days of Greek island hopping haha
I’m also a solo traveller- leaving the boyfriend behind - definitely don’t win gf of the year haha
I’m super excited but also very nervous


Awesome! Not long now until we all meet!
What’s your Facebook? :slight_smile:


not long at all!!
haylee england - my cover photo is of a horse =)


This is really making me excited knowing that I am not the only person going solo! So excited to meet everyone :slight_smile:


It’s definitely a relief! I can’t wait! 40 days and I will be in Greece
anyone staying on in London after the tour?


I will be in London after! but only for a few days cause I gotta go back to uni :frowning: shamee


oh awesome! hahah good ole uni, kinda miss those days. What are you studying?
I will be there for a few days as well before I head up Manchester to see family
This may sound a little nerdy but I am very keen to go to the Harry Potter studios if anyone else is? ahah :blush:


Im Alannah and I’ll be joining your tour once you all arrive in Rome (Im doing the Eastern Wanderer tour that joins the Grand European trip)! Im from Perth, will be travelling solo and im mega excited for my mini trip during my mini uni break :slight_smile:


that’s awesome! I’m from Perth as well =) I look forward to meeting you


Awesome @hayleeengland! Looking forward to meeting everyone and tagging along for Europe fun times :slight_smile: