Grand european 21 sep - 18 oct


Hey Everyone,

Me and my friend Courtney are all booked in for this trip in September!!! So unbelievably excited!!! ;D

Im 24, kiwi living in Perth, WA and she is 23 living in NZ. Just curious to see who else will be joining us.

We are booked in to stay at the Clink Hostel for 2 nights before the tour. Give us a shout if you’re going to be there, would be great to know a few other people!!! :-[

Also would be cool to hear from anyone who has done this tour, any tips, advice or opinions are more than welcome!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S Does anyone know if the sleeping bag you have to take has to be included in your luggage allowance or can you have your bag/suitcase + sleeping bag??



I’m 22 living in Brisbane, I’ve booked and paid for this trip, I’m so excited, this is my first overseas trip!! I fly out of Brisbane on the 18 September and get into London in the morning of the 19th. I’m staying at Clink before the trip as well because i wanted to spend time in London before the trip started.

I’m pretty sure that the sleeping bag is part of your baggage allowance…


Hey Jess!

Awesome stuff, I started to think it would just be us!! :slight_smile:

It’s my first big trip also apart from coming over from NZ and doing a little bit of Auz. I’m going to Bali in July so I think that will give me even more of a travel bug!! (As if I’m not excited enough already!!)

We also fly out on the 18th, arrive in London on the 19th and are staying at the Clink until the tour departs. So will be trying to squeeze in as much London as we can in 1 1/2 days!! Also staying at the Clink the night we get back at the end. Yay!!

I think I will get one of those Roman Palm sleeping bags, they are tiny as so it can just fit in my bag!

Which country are you most excited about? ;D


Bali… that will be exciting! I haven’t even started travelling yet and I think I have the bug! I’m already thinking about my holiday next year! I want to got o Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

That’s great, looks like we will be in the same place, who are you flying with? I must say I am relieved to have made contact with someone who is doing the same trip, I’m going by myself so it was a bit daunting. I’m staying at Clink for 2 nights when we get back, then i’m off to Ireland for a few days, then back to London then on to Hong Kong for a few days then back home…

They are really small but expensive… I’m hoping to borrow my sisters if not I’ll get one as well. I have a blackwolf travel pack so it has a compartment for sleeping bags serperately.

I don’t think I have a favourite country yet, I’m excited about everything!! My friends did a 45 day camping top deck tour last year and they said that Switzerland was beautiful. So probably Switzerland, Croatia and Barcelona and heading up the list, but I think i will love it all :slight_smile:


Yea definatly is a relief to know there is someone else!! Big ups on doing it on your own, thats awesome!! ;D
Thailand would be wicked! I’d love to go there!!

We are flying with Malaysia Airlines, Courtney is coming from NZ so we are meeting in Kuala Lumpar then on to London. What about you?
After the tour we have the 1 night in London, then heading up to Scotland for a week then back to London then home :frowning: Lol I have a feeling I wont want to leave!!

Yea my workmate was just telling me about that jungle train in Switzerland, she said it is amazing!! I cant wait for Italy and Croatia!! Actually the whole thing is just going to be insane!! Bring it on I say, only 163 days to go!! :o