Grand European (21 August 2012)



I’m booked into this trip and couldn’t find a topic for this particular departure date.

I’m from Perth, Western Australia and will be traveling on my lonesome. Just hoping to break the ice with anyone else who’s going on this one.

My plans are fairly open at this point, I SHOULD get into ol’ London town on Friday 17th although AirAsia have kinda thrown a bit of a spanner in the works by cancelling flights from KL to Europe :-/ but it’d be cool to meet up with peeps before the tour :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few days to spare after this tour and then I’m off to Munich for the first week of Oktoberfest with that ‘other’ popular Eurotour company… starting with ‘c’… cough can’t wait for this trip :wink:




G’day scott, i was on this tour but changed my dates to the 14th august which is a guaranted departure.I’m also doing first week of oktoberfest but with the fanatics! :slight_smile:


This tour has just been marked ‘guaranteed departure’, thought I might bump it back up top :wink:


Hey Scott,

I’m booked on this tour also! Can’t wait. Have you finalised plans more now that it’s getting closer?




Hi Sam,

Sorry for not replying, the forum is supposed to email me when I get a reply but it didn’t :-/ You found the ‘Topdeck Meet’ App I see :wink:

My flights are finally sorted! I’m flying Malaysian Airlines from Perth instead of AirAsia now.

I’m also flying up to Glasgow the day before this trip (just for the day obviously), then going to Munich for Oktoberfest with Contiki a few days after this tour finishes. Then flying to Dublin for 2 days after that gets back. I have 2 spare days in London after this tour is finished before I head off to Munich so I was thinking of renting a car and driving out to Stonehenge B-)

5 weeks from now I’ll be on the plane from KL to London :open_mouth:


Hi guys!
I am on the first leg of this trip, from London to Rome then heading to the USA for another tour.
Wish I was on this trip for longer, but did the Rome-London part in 2010 and it was amazing, so many great things to do, you guys will love it!
Looking forward to meeting you guys!