Grand European 2012


Hello there,

I’m also on that trip. Last time I called I believe they said to be about 20 people signed up so far.



You traveling solo too? Have you been on these kinda tours before?
I am traveling solo and this will be my first tour.



I sent you a message


I’m on that one too. Can’t wait!


Hey Matt,

Have you done this kind of tour before? with Topdeck or other tour operators?

Just wondering.

Ollie :slight_smile:


My cousin did it last year (with Contiki), so he gave me all the details. My other cousin did it 2 years ago (TopDeck). After consulting with both TopDeck was the better choice. I’ve done something similar in Greece years ago (island hopping) but I think it was a local company. I usually travel with my brother, but this will be my first solo trip.


Awesome, thanks again Matt.