Grand European 2012


Hey ya,

I have booked the Grand European 2012 tour starting on August 28th…very excited!! Was wondering if anyone else has booked this, thinking about doing it or the people who have done it any tips?



Hey there :slight_smile:

I’m doing this trip yay! First timer and going solo be good to know some people beforehand. So excited :slight_smile:


Hey Becky,

Awesome, glad to know others are doing it as well. Its my first time doing Europe but can not wait…super excited! Are you doing any other traveling before or after the tour?


I have my boyfriend coming with me now :slight_smile: its neaking up on me already can’t believe it is this year :slight_smile:

i get into London on the 24th Aug, and leave two days after we get back but that is it as my sister is having her baby while im away :frowning:

Are you doing any extra travels over there??


Hey Becky,

Oh thats sooo cool your boyfriend is now joining you…lucky!! Mines staying here in NZ :frowning:

Yes me and my friends are doing lots of travel, we’re doing 15 days in Egypt, 2 weeks in the Greek Islands before we arrive in London on the 25th August and then after the tour doing Oktobefest/London/Dublin/New York, Central and South America…so a HUGE trip!! Very excited though!!