Grand European 2012 (HTGE)


hey im a first time traveller to europe and on my own, just wondering how many other people are on this trip so far and if there are any other lone travellers? Cant wait!!!


Hey Kirsty, What dates are you going on?


hey there i’m going on the grand european too alone and i can’t wait either. i’m going on the 26th of june 2012 B-)


hey, i am also doing the 24th of july trip alone. should be good fun were are you from?


Hey~ I’m doin this trip alone May8th… :slight_smile: which dates r u travelling?


Hey hey… I’m heading on the Grand European on the 7 July… anyone else…??


Hey, I’m going to be on the 24th July trip as well. Travelling with my friend from Auckland but we are keen to meet new people! :slight_smile:


my mistake…i’m on the 10 july tour (i’m leaving on the 7 July to head to London)


im going on the 10th of july tour by myself as well :slight_smile:


anyone else doing the 24 july trip?