Grand European 2012 (HTGE)


Hi all,

I am booking the Grand European 2012 trip on 17th April 2012. Would like to know if anyone else is going on this trip. This is my first international vaction and I am going by myself. Would be good to get in touch with some other travellers on this trip before hand.


Hey Damien, I’m going on the 3rd April one, also going by myself! Hope you have a blast! Get in touch if you decide your going on the 3rd instead :slight_smile:


Hi guys, going on the 1st May 2012, solo traveler so hit me up if you change dates :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

Unfortunately, I can only get leave from work during this period. So the trip starting the 17th of April is the only one I can make.

Can I confirm that with this trip I do not require any additional visas? Currently I only have an Australian passport. Will this be sufficient for this trip?


Ive got to find out the same thing Damien, when I know I’ll fill you in!


I was wondering the same question… I think this is the answer